2024 Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Steve Hackett February 14 Solo, Genesis, GTR
Johnnie Dee & Derry Grehan January 31 Honeymoon Suite
2023 Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Rik Emmett November 22 Triumph, Solo
Roger Earl November 21 Foghat
Jon Levin October 17 Dokken
Art Alexakis September 12 Everclear
Jeff Pilson August 18 Foreigner/Dokken/Revolution Saints
Joel Ekelöf August 15 Soen
Lance Lopez August 15 Solo
Vinny Appice, Jim Crean July 6 Sabbath Knights
Mychael Gabriel June 20 Solo, Sheila E
Pete Evick June 13 Bret Michaels Band, Evick
Julia Poorman June 7 Solo
Mark Evans April 26 Heaven’s Edge
Phil Lewis April 24 LA Guns, Girl
Greg Ross February 28 Epic Tantrum
2022 Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Michael Wilton December 6 Queensryche
Jason Hope September 25 Velvet Chains
Vinny Appice, Jim Crean, Steph Honde September 20 Dio, Appice Drum Wars, Scream Taker
Frank Hannon August 26 Tesla, Moon Dog Mane
Steve Blaze August 9 Lillian Axe
Austin John Winkler February 8 Hinder, Solo
2021 Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Jim McCarty December 21 The Yardbirds, Box Of Frogs, Solo
John Lodge November 24 Moody Blues, Solo
Tim “Ripper” Owens November 4 Judas Priest, The 3 Tremors, KK’s Priest
Phil Lewis October LA Guns, Girl
John Ford Coley September 2 Solo, England Dan & John Ford Coley
Lawrence Gowan August 18 Styx, Solo
Jack Russell August 10 Jack Russell’s Great White, Great White
Doogie White July 20 Alcatrazz, Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, Solo
Mark Slaughter July 10 Slaughter, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Solo
Steve Augeri June 14 Steve Augeri Band, Journey, Tyketto, Tall Stories
Robert Berry April 27 3, Greg Kihn Band
Donnie Vie April 26 Solo, Enuff Z’nuff
Cowboy Mach Bell January 26 Joe Perry Project/Thundertrain
2019 Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Tom Keifer November 13 Cinderella/Tom Keifer Band
Bill Leverty September 11 FireHouse
Jeff Pilson August 20 Foreigner
David Lauser June Sammy Hagar
Todd Poole June Roxy Blue
2017 Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Stephen Pearcy January 11 RATT, Arcade, Solo
Jack Russell January 11 Great White, Jack Russell’s Great White|
Jack Blades March Night Ranger, Damn Yankees, Shaw/Blades, Solo
Lou Gramm April Foreigner, Lou Gramm Band, Solo, Shadow King
Greg Kihn May 17 The Greg Kihn Band
Billy Sherwood July Yes, Asia, World Trade
Frankie Banali August Quiet Riot, W.A.S.P.
2016 Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Craig Goldy January 13 Resurrection Kings, Dio, Giuffria
Mike Levine April Triumph
Lance Lopez March Solo, Supersonic Blues Machine
Joel Hoekstra June Whitesnake, Night Ranger, TSO
Jim Crean September Solo, Hair Nation, Metalworks
Johnny Gioeli Septmeber 29 Hardline, Axel Rudi Pell
Pete Trewavas October Marillion, Transatlantic, Edison’s Children
Mark Dawson December 23 The Grass Roots, Solo
2015 Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Jaime St. James August 29 Black ‘N’ Blue, Warrant, St. James
Eliot Lewis July 22 Solo, Hall & Oates
Chris Wyse July 17 Owl, Ace Frehley Band, The Cult
Pete Evick June Evick, Bret Michaels Band
Kristian Bush Fall 2014 Solo, Sugarland
Paul Nelson February Johnny Winter
Tom Gimbel February Foreigner, Aerosmith, Jon Butcher Axis
2014 Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Don Felder March Solo, The Eagles
Mark McGrath April Sugar Ray
Michael Wilton May Queensrÿche
2013 Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Geoffrey Downes 1-16-13 Asia/Yes/Buggles
Chuck Wright 1-30-13 Heaven & Earth/Giuffria/House Of Lords/Quiet Riot
Cody Hanson 2-23-13 Hinder
Steve Augeri 5-1-13 Journey, Tall Stories, Tyketto
Lenny Wolf 5-24-13 Kingdom Come
Geoff Tate 6-6-13 Queensrÿche, Solo
John Corabi 7-2-13 Motley Crue, Union, Ratt, Dead Daisies
Dave Brockie 8-8-13 GWAR
Keith Nelson 8-12-13 Buckcherry
Tobin Esperance 8-13-13 Papa Roach
Avril Lavigne 9-25-13 Solo
Gunnar Nelson 10-18-13 Nelson, Ricky Nelson Remembered
2012 Interview Date of Interview Artist/Band From
Rita Coolidge 1-30-12 Self
Pete Evick February 2012 Evick, Bret Michaels Band
Bruce Kulick 2-21-12 Grand Funk Railroad, Kiss
Jack Russell 2-27-12 Great White
Skye Sweetnam 3-2-12 Sumo Cyco, Solo
Lou Gramm 3-21-12 Foreigner, Shadow King, Solo
Dave Brockie 3-27-12 Gwar
Jason Scheff 4-4-12 Chicago
Mike Ruocco 4-16-12 Cinder Road, Solo
Kevin Martin 4-25-12 Candlebox
Bruce Hall 5-15-12 REO Speedwagon
Michael Lardie 5-30-12 Great White, Night Ranger, Producer/Engineer
Lita Ford 6-1-12 Solo, The Runaways
Mark Kelly 6-7-12 Marillion
Mark Kendall 7-10-12 Great White, Train Station
Aldo Nova 8-7-12 Singer/songwriter/guitarist
Todd Sucherman 9-11-12 Styx
Steve Whiteman 10-10-12 Kix, Funny Money
Austin Winkler 10-19-12 Hinder
Geoff Tate 11-16-12 Queensryche, Solo
Mark Dawson 12-5-12 The Grass Roots
2011 Interviews Interview Date Artsit/Band From
John Wesley 4-10-11 Porcupine Tree, Solo, Fish
Lawrence Gowan 7-22-11 Styx, Gowan
Johnny Monaco 7-11-11 Enuff Z’nuff, Solo
Billy Sheehan 8-19-11 Mr. Big, David Lee Roth, Niacin, Talas
Mickey Thomas 9-12-11 Starship, Elvin Bishop
Mike Rodden 9-27-11 Hinder
David Glen Eisley 10-4-11 Giuffria, Dirty White Boy, Solo
Bill Leverty 11-16-11 FireHouse