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Hinder is: Mike Rodden, Cody Hanson, Austin Winkler, Joe Garvey and Mark King

Cody Hanson
Hinder- Drummer
Interviewed on Feb. 23, 2013
By: Joseph Suto

We recently sat down and chatted with Hinder drummer Cody Hanson prior to the bands performance at The Rapids Theatre. Hanson co-produced the bands latest effort Welcome To The Freakshow and gives his views on some of the questions we asked him. Sit back and read what he had to say.

RSC: You released Welcome To The Freakshow, your fourth album back in December, How are things going with it and what will be the next single?

Cody Hanson: Yeah! Things are good man, can’t complain. All the fans seem to be loving the stuff. The next single will be “Should Have Known Better”. The fans kind of picked it, we kind of see what fans respond to the most and that one was kind of overwhelming.

RSC: How did you end up producing WTTF alongside Marshall Dutton?

CH: Well Marshall and I actually started working together back when we were doing demos for All American Nightmare. We formed a production company back then. We ended up co-producing All American Nightmare with Kevin Churko. Then on this one it just seemed like a natural transition for the two of us to do it.

RSC: What was that other project you did with Marshall? Seabass.

CH: Oh Seabass N Tha Fellas (laughs). That’s our little pop project that we do just for fun. We always write together so we were writing all different kinds of music and were just kind of being goofy and threw that together.


RSC: So is the plan to tour for most of 2013?

CH: Yeah. This run is five weeks long. In the summer we’ll do some fairs and festivals and stuff like that.

RSC: Any tour packages you know about or are you just going out on your own?

CH: We’re gonna put together a little package. I’m not sure exactly who its gonna be yet . We have a couple different bands that we’re talking to.

RSC: Any plans to finally release a stand alone live DVD? You seem to be one of the few bands without one on the market.

CH: I’ve been asked that question a lot lately. We’ve kicked around the idea to do possibly doing some little acoustic DVD or something like that. I don’t know we haven’t put anything in motion yet so we’ll see what happens.

RSC: What are after thoughts on All American Nightmare? You could tell you put a lot of effort into that album. Yet obviously with the way the music industry has gone you didn’t get the just rewards that you probably deserved for All American Nightmare.

CH: Yeah, I mean its always disappointing whenever you don’t get your music out to as many people as you like. Like you said the music industry is changing so much you can’t really base success on numbers anymore. That’s a straight up rock record. And rock has kinda lost its momentum a little bit for several reasons. It didn’t get out to as many people as we would have liked it to. That’s all right it happens.

RSC: Did you feel the right singles were released?

CH: Yeah (pauses), I felt like we probably should have had more singles. That one I think was the decision of the label obviously. Their not really getting behind rock music these days. I definitely don’t think it got the push it deserved thats for sure.


RSC: One song I wanted to bring up and get your thoughts on was the track “Everybody’s Wrong”? It sounds like it belongs on the radio and yet it never made it.

CH: I know it man. It’s always heartbreaking you know, especially a song like that. That’s one of those songs that so many people can relate to. I feel if more people heard the song it would of gotten a better chance that’s for sure.

RSC: Have you guys ever played it live?

CH: I don’t think we have ever played it live. We should, I’d like to. There’s are a lot of songs that we’ve never played live that i’d like to go back and play. Now we’re getting to the point where we have so many singles off past records. We have to play the singles off the old records and then what ever new material that we want to add.

RSC: Now that you have more albums out too, it must make it heard to narrow down what you want to play?

CH: Yeah. We pretty much we have to play all the stuff that everybody’s heard on the radio at least for now. We don’t like to play for two hours it cuts into our drinking time (laughs).

Special thanks to Kymm Britton for setting up this interview!

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