Interview With Cowboy Mach Bell

Cowboy Mach Bell
Joe Perry Project
By: Joseph Suto

We recently sat down via zoom with none other than “Cowboy” Mach Bell who sang with the Joe Perry Project from 1982 until its untimely demise in 1984. That was of course when Joe Perry decided to rejoin Aerosmith. Mach kept a diary with great detail about his time in the Project. Mach also recently released the audiobook version featuring a few more stories not in the actual book as well as some special guests such as JPP bassist Danny Hargrove and former JPP singer Charlie Farren.

The Joe Perry Project version featuring Mach played the Buffalo area four times in that 82-84 era. This includes two shows on the same day, an afternoon lunch concert at the old 2001 Club sponsored by the mighty 97 Rock and a late night tilt at the old After Dark in Lockport. The JPP also played the After Dark one other time as well as the old Purple Moose that was located in the old dilapidated Twin Fair Plaza on Abbott Rd. If you were lucky enough to see any of these shows you will enjoy the book as these are mentioned in the book.

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