Interview- Jim Crean 2016

Jim Crean
Solo, Hair Nation, Appice Brothers

Jim Crean has been rocking the Buffalo Music Scene for the better part of four decades. His band Hair Nation has opened for several national artists such as Jack Russell’s Great White, Dokken, Operation: Mindcrime, LA Guns and many many more. His band has also played the sunset strip among many other places. Along the way he has met many people, some who were kind enough to lend their talents to Crean’s brand new album Insatiable. We recently had the chance to talk with him about his most recent release.

Rock Show Critique: You recently came out with a new CD Insatiable. Tell us how it came to be in short and how you came up with the name?

Jim Crean: I landed a deal with Carmine Appices label Rocker Records and I already had the title of the record put together!

RSC: You came out with Velvet Crush so long ago, why was there such a huge gap between the two albums?

JC: I really wanted to take my time and do a follow up record with really strong songs on it.I feel that I accomplished this!

RSC: On Insatiable what two songs would you say are the strongest?
JC: Shut Your Mouth & Miss Me

RSC: You have been playing the Buffalo scene now for quite some time. What year did you play your first venue?

JC: The early 80’s like 1981.

RSC: The Buffalo area has had many clubs over the years. What were some of the older more famous clubs you played or frequented back in the day?

JC: Stage One, The Salty Dog and September’s.

RSC: You and vocalist/musician Phil Naro go way back. How did you meet Phil and how would you describe the working relation you two have?

JC: I met Phil in 1984 when my band at the time opened up for Talas (He was in at the Time). We became instant friends and have collaborated together ever since!

RSC: Now that Insatiable is out what is your plan to help promote it?

JC: I will be doing an extensive tour and have international distribution!

RSC: You also play with Vinny and Carmine’s Drum Wars. Tell us how you got to be involved with them and what is the latest going on with that.

JC: The band is called Appice Brothers and we will be doing shows in South America & Australia in 2017, along with putting out a new Record!


Insatiable Track Listing
01. Don Jamieson Intro
02. Insatiable
03. Caught In The Middle
04. Touch
05. Over The Edge
06. Can’t Find My Way
07. Follow Your Heart
08. Shut Your Mouth
09. Turn It Around
10. Miss Me
Bonus Tracks
11. The Whole World’s Gonna Know
12. Magic Touch

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