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We last talked to the original voice of Foreigner in 2012. Since then Lou Gramm has played many shows, released a book and is now coming to Niagara Falls. The Seneca Niagara Events Center will come alive for a night of Symphonic Rock. Joining Lou will be Mickey Thomas from Starship, Terri Nunn from Berlin and Robin McAuley from the McAuley Schenker Group.

Rock Show Critique: This Friday night you will be returning to Western New York for a night of Symphonic Rock. How did you become involved with this project, what is it about and what can the fans expect?

Lou Gramm: Basically, I’ve been doing shows with symphonies, mostly in Europe for the past ten years or more. You have two or three different singers and a rock quartet, maybe some female background singers and a full-on orchestra. The arrangements are such that you don’t lose the crunch of the rock. You have the strings and the brass and the percussion to embellish the songs to give them a different flavor.

RSC: What can you tell us about the band itself how many piece band is it?

LG: You know I don’t really know. This is the first one and I’m a little bit in the dark with that. I guess I’ll find out Thursday when we’re rehearsing.

RSC: You don’t know any members of the band?

LG: Not yet

RSC: How is it going into the dark on a show like this?

LG: You have to assume that the orchestra is a good one because they’ve played together for quite a while and that the conductor is worth his salt and he’ll have them sound like a million dollars.

RSC: You’ve worked with Mickey Thomas in the past on some of those Xmas shows. This time you’ll also be joined by Terri Nunn from Berlin and Robin McAuley

LG: I think most of it has to do with our booking agency. I think they represent if not all those people then a couple of them. I think that started the ball rolling and the rest just came together through negotiation and such. I’ll tell you what it sure is fun to do. When your singing live with an orchestra behind you, Marshall’s and a big set of drums is one thing. When you have an orchestra behind you can feel your pants ripple (laughs). They pack a lot of power.

RSC: The big question on people’s minds is will you be playing any shows with Foreigner this summer?

LG: It’s kind of up in the air.
(He went on to say he can’t say anything else about it at this point.)

RSC: What other things do you planned for 2017?

LG: We’ve got quite a few shows and actually a handful of the orchestral shows around the country. That should be fun to break it up a little bit. It’s just gonna be a fun summer I think.

RSC: Back in 1982 Foreigner headlined what was then known as Rich Stadium in Orchard Park. What can you recall about that show which also featured Loverboy, Ted Nugent and Iron Maiden?

LG: The Buffalo audience did not let us down. They were as loud and crazy as they could get for a football game. They were really into it and a lot of fun to play to. Right up against the stage you can see the party had started.

RSC: You have had several hits and great songs throughout your career. Is there a song or two you felt should have fared better on the charts but for one reason or another was ignored?

LG: That is a good question. Let’s see. I think there’s a few. A song or two on 4 that could have been big guns. They were playing “Juke Box Hero” on FM radio right from the release of the album. Then the record company decides to release it as the 4th single but it had been played out already. So a song that popular only got to number 30 then fell off the charts. I think it was a bad strategy and they just should of left it alone as an FM play. “Don’t Let Go” and “Woman In Black” that would have been a very good single I think. There’s a few, mind you I’m not complaining things went the way they’re supposed to.

To purchase tickets to Friday evening click on the link below.


A night of Symphonic Rock

Seneca Niagara Events Center
Friday April 28, 2017
8 PM

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