Tate Gives A Nod To Past While Re-Inventing His Future

DSC_8958Concert Review
Operation: Mindcrime
The Tralf
Buffalo, NY
Thursday April 7, 2016
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto


Following an acrimonious split with his old band, Geoff Tate has emerged none worse for the wear. His new band Operation: Mindcrime made their Buffalo debut inside the Tralf Music Hall Thursday evening. Those who thought Tate’s best days were behind him clearly were in for a surprise as he was in fine vocal form all night.

Tate backed by a solid stable of musicians put on one heck of a show. The band featured two longtime associates of Tate, guitarist Kelly Gray and keyboardist Randy Gane. Their roots trace back to when all three were in a band called Myth, the band Tate fronted before he joined Queensryche. Rounding out the group were powerhouse drummer Simon Wright known for his work with AC/DC and Dio as well as bassist Tim Fernley and guitarist Scott Moughton.

Kicking off the affair with “Neue Regal”, a diehard’s dream off Rage For Order, served notice that this was not going to be your ordinary show. There was something for all fans of Tate’s old band. Deep cuts such as the elegant “One More Time” off of Promised Land, rare tracks such as “Spool” and “At 30,000 ft.” as well as many of the hits.

There was an acoustic segment which featured three big hits in “Jet City Woman”, “Take Hold Of The Flame” and “Silent Lucidity”. While the latter two sounded good, “Jet City Woman” would have benefitted from being played normal as opposed to being stripped down.

The Key is the first album of a concept trilogy recorded by Operation: Mindcrime. Tate cleverly played a suite of the album’s best tracks and served as one of the highlights of the set.

Tate has always been one to think ahead as opposed to relive the past. In an interview in 2013 Tate told us when he writes it is like a diary of where he is at, at the time. If you were to listen to his catalog of work chronologically it would be clear to see. After witnessing his performance Thursday evening it was very clear to all that he is in a good place. That can only bode well for the future.



Set List
Neue Regal
Screaming In Digital
I Am I
One More Time
I Don’t Believe In Love
At 30,000 ft.

Acoustic segment
Jet City Woman
Take Hold Of The Flame
Silent Lucidity

Weight Of The World
Re-Inventing The Future
The Stranger
The Fall
Walk In The Shadows
Eyes Of A Stranger

Breaking The Silence


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