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GwenCD Review
Gwen Stefani
This Is What The Truth Feels Like
Interscope Records
Review: Joseph Suto

It was no doubt surprising that it has been 10 years since The Sweet Escape, Gwen Stefani’s last solo album was released. This Is What The Truth Feels Like carries on similar to her first two releases albeit not as many radio friendly songs as one would expect. The album did reach number one, her first even though the first two singles “Used To Love You” and “Make Me Like You” were unable to crack the top 40.

Stefani’s latest effort deals with the breakup of her marriage as well as her finding joy in a new relationship. It is clearly her most personal album as far as the lyrics are concerned. Every song clocks in under 4 minutes which is the first time she has gone with the less is more option.

The album kicks off with “Misery” which is one of the catchier songs on the album and should be considered for her next single. It’s now imperative the correct single is chosen if she hopes the album to gain momentum and reach platinum status to match her previous two releases.

Other songs of note we would recommend are “Used To Love You” a song that’s about coming to grips that a relationship is over. “Me Without You” and the aforementioned “Make Me Like You” are two of the album’s better tracks.

If you are a big fan of Stefani you will grow to love This Is What the Truth Feels Like. It is simply one of those albums that you will need to hear a few times to thoroughly get. It may not be as commercial as her other solo releases but it is far from embarrassing. The best way to put it is it has its moments just not as many as hoped.

01. Misery
02. You’re My Favorite
03. Where Would I Be?
04. Make Me Like You
05. Truth
06. Used To Love You
07. Send Me A Picture
08. Red Flag
09. Asking 4 It (featuring Fetty Wap)
10. Naughty
11. Me Without You
12. Rare
Bonus songs
13. Rocket Ship
14. Getting Warmer
15. Obsessed
16. Splash

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