Everclear Returns To Town And Packs A Punch With Stellar Set

Concert Review
The Ataris
The Pink Spiders
Town Ballroom
Buffalo, NY
September 12, 2023
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

When speaking with Everclear leader Art Alexakis earlier in the day he said to expect a rock-n-roll show that evening featuring the bands hits and if the fans hit them up on social media they may even pull out some fan requests. Alexakis and the band did not disappoint as they mixed in such songs as “Learning How To Smile”, The Twistinside” and “Sunflowers” among some of the evening’s requests. The 75-minute set marked the band’s first visit to town since 2015 when they played Canalside and the band made it a memorable night to say the least.

Touring in support of their first ever live album Live From The Whisky A Go Go, the band’s first song “so Much For The Afterglow” set the tone for the evening. It was a hard hitting affair that featured the band at their best. Joining Alexakis were guitarist Dave French, bassist Freddy Herrera and drummer Brian Nolan. Alexakis seemed to be having the time of his life. He stated “When I see a band not having fun up on stage then they need to get another job.” This band seemed to be on top of the world and their sincerity was infectious and felt by the crowd.

As mentioned Alexakis mixed in many requests, in fact seven of them by his count as he told the crowd. As he announced the last song “Santa Monica” he said “I gotta play this song or people will throw shit at me”. This led to the loudest singing from the crowd all night. Clearly the song of the night that everyone was waiting for and for good measure Alexakis said one more and the band dove right into “Molly’s Lips” to put a cap on the evening.

The Town Ballroom was the perfect venue for these guys as not only did it give the crowd a decent view of the stage from its different vantage points but also gave it an intimacy perfectly suited for this show. Along for the ride were The Pink Spiders and The Ataris, both of whom put on solid sets and were the perfect compliment to Everclear. It was the raw power of Everclear that clearly shone through on this night however. While the drought of Everclear playing in Buffalo is finally over, let’s hope we do not have to wait another eight years for these guys to come back.


So Much for the Afterglow
Everything to Everyone
Heroin Girl
Father of Mine
Local God
The Twistinside
Sing Away @Song[216b969c-a0f6-4059-9bd6-41c686ec63c3]
AM Radio
Learning How to Smile
I Will Buy You a New Life

Volvo Driving Soccer Mom
You Make Me Feel Like a Whore
Santa Monica
Molly’s Lips

The Ataris

In This Diary
Unopened Letter to the World
The Hero Dies in This One
Takeoffs and Landings
Your Boyfriend Sucks
The Boys of Summer (Don Henley Cover)
Summer ’79
So Long, Astoria
San Dimas High School Football Rules

The Pink Spiders

Gold Confetti
Let’s Go Home
Soft Smoke
Easy Way Out
Alone Together @Info[Live debut]
Little Razorblade
Freakin’ Freakin’ Out
Modern Swinger

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