Dead Daisies Celebrate Ten Years By Going Through History

Concert Review
Dead Daisies
The Studio
Hamilton, Ontario
Tuesday August 29, 2023
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

The Dead Daisies fresh on tour in support of their recently released Best Of album, played to a sparse but spirited crowd in Hamilton. Back on vocals for the first time since 2019, John Corabi took the helm and led the supergroup of musicians through a solid 110–minute set featuring all phases of the bands catalog and a surprise song to close out the night.

The Daisies are celebrating their ten years of existence featuring what may very well be their strongest lineup to date. Led by guitarist Dave Lowy, as well as three guys who at one time were members of Whitesnake, guitarist Doug Aldrich, bassist Michael Devin and drummer Brian Tichy, the band sounded in fine form. The once bitten, twice shy Tichy has played with the band on three separate stints. Devin is the latest addition as he had just joined this year.

The band left no stone unturned and played songs from all of their studio releases from the debut through the 2022 release Radiance. Oddly enough it was the snippets of covers the band performed while each member was introduced that received the biggest response. Well that was un til the final song of the night. With the Whitesnake association it was only fitting they covered “Slide It In” as a tip of the hat to one of the greatest singers in rock as Corabi announced to the crowd.

With it being a Tuesday show and the band having played Toronto, London and Kitchener days before it possibly led to the small crowd. But those in the crowd weren’t complaining as they got to see the band in an intimate setting up close and personal. Hopefully better routing on the next time through town will help with that.

Rise Up
Dead and Gone
Make Some Noise
Miles in Front of Me
Face I Love
Bustle and Flow
Something I Said
Lock ‘n’ Load
Born to Fly
With You and I
Fortunate Son (CCR Cover)
Midnight Moses (Alex Harvey Band Cover)
Long Way to Go
Slide It In (Whitesnake Cover)

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