Ted Nugent Says Adios To Rochester With A Top Notch Performance

Concert Review
Ted Nugent
Kodak Center
Rochester, NY
Tuesday July 25, 2023
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto


The one thing about Ted Nugent is that he leaves a lasting impression on everyone no matter if you like him or not. You may agree in his beliefs like the many that applauded his every speech in between songs or you may not. Nugent tells things exactly as he sees them and he is not afraid to speak his mind. That in itself sets him apart from many. While sometimes his music is overshadowed by political outbursts, it was mainly the music that shone on this particular night.

While Nugent will turn 75 in December he hardly looked like a performer who needs to hang it up. His 95-minute set was solid and featured him working the stage playing like he always has. While this tour is a continuation of his Detroit Muscle tour he dubbed it Adios Mofo as this summer tour he says will be his last. He still plans on making music but other than not ruling out special appearances on the road, he will be done doing full scale touring.

With bassist Greg Smith not able to be out on the road Nugent rounded up Johnny Shoen to step in and he did a great job helping the classics sound as powerful as ever. Drummer Jason Hartless was solid as ever. Nugent did not disappoint keeping a steady diet of hits interwoven with such gems as “Fred Bear” and “Good Friends and a Bottle Of Wine”. “Free For All”, “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Stranglehold” were worth the price of admission alone. Nugent left the stage after the encore of “Great White Buffalo” without any extra good byes. He exited behind a curtain and the house lights came on.

Nugent has always done things his way. Anyone familiar with Nugent should know what you are getting when you book a show with him. He played nearby Lewiston, NY ten years ago and left an impression so negative that they never invited him back despite being one of the venues most attended shows ever. Many Artpark patrons and Lewiston residents were offended Tuesday by headliner Ted Nugent’s gratuitous foul language. As it turns out, then Artpark President George Osborne wasn’t happy either.
“I was not pleased with the tone of the content in Ted Nugent’s program, and Artpark neither condones or supports any of his antics or political statements,” Osborne said. “We are not, however, in the position of being able to censor the content of performers’ acts once they take the stage.”

This is a classic example of some of the beliefs Nugent has with people in authority. Had Artpark done their homework they should have known what to expect. This reviewer has seen Nugent in concert several times and he has always told it like he sees it and for that he has won the respect from many fans. “Hillary Clinton hates me.” Nugent took great pride in letting the audience know. Where Nugent goes from here who knows for sure. All I know is we surely have not heard the last from him.

Set List

The Star-Spangled Banner
Snakeskin Cowboys
Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
Come and Take It
Hey Baby
Need You Bad
Good Friends and a Bottle of Wine
Fred Bear
Cat Scratch Fever

The Great White Buffalo

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