Great White Pinch Hits a Home Run At Batavia Downs

Concert Review
Great White
Rockin’ The Downs
Batavia Downs
Batavia, NY
Friday July 14, 2023
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

In a perfect world Great White could have been one of the most successful bands from it’s era and genre. Although they are more of a blues based band some of their earliest work features keyboards and they were lumped in with the hair bands. Friday night they played the Rockin’ at the Downs Concert Series in Batavia, NY. They were not on the bill initially but were asked to fill in for Skid Row who was originally the scheduled band. Without hesitation these guys came to town to put on a glowing performance, one of the band’s best in years, knowing they had to fly to Seattle after the show for a gig on Saturday. Not easy to do.

The core of Great White has remained unchanged since 2008 when bassist Scotty Snyder came aboard. This core includes guitarist Mark Kendall, guitarist/keyboardist Michael Lardie and drummer Audie Desbrow. The problem where Great White has had big issues is trying to find a vocalist. Having seen Great White numerous times over the years they never really had a vocalist who could replace the original singer Jack Russell. Currently the band employs Brett Carlisle and after seeing this young man perform just once I must say I do believe they band has finally found their guy. Carlisle seems comfortable singing the classic songs and while he is no Jack Russell, he sounded right at home on such ballads as “The Angel Song” and “Save Your Love”.

Now that they found a singer who can sing the catalog it’s time to dig into those classic cuts such as “Ain’t No Shame”, “Move It” and “Shot In The Dark”. It’s time to give the fans something to really get excited about. It has been some time since the band performed in WNY, let’s hope after this show they earn a shot to land on the Downs schedule for 2024. We would be honored to have them back.

Set List

Desert Moon
Lady Red Light
Stick It
Rollin’ Stoned
House of Broken Love
Big Time
Angel Song
Blues Jam
Mista Bone
The Big Goodbye
Save Your Love
Rock Me
Once Bitten Twice Shy

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