New Music Review- Collective Soul- Vibrating

New Music Review
Collective Soul
Fuzze-Flex Records
Produced By: E Roland
Review: Joseph Suto
Rating: ****

“New Vibration” the seemingly lost gem from 2007s Afterwords was the first time the vibrating term was used by the band. Now, Collective Soul have released their new studio album Vibrating on August 12. Of course vibration can mean a varying number of things. The band have been sitting on this release as the previous album Blood was supposed to be a double album. Due to the pandemic the band had delayed the release until now so they can tour behind it.

The album kicks off in fine style with the one-two punch of “Cut The Cord” and “Reason”. “All Our Pieces” a song of reflection and getting back to a certain point in time was released as a video a few weeks back and has drawn some great praise. The real gem of the album is “Rule No. 1”. The beginning of the song would leave one guessing as to who the artist is until those familiar vocals of Ed Roland kick in.

The band has had eight years to gel as a solid unit as that was when guitarist Jesse Triplett was added. The band really seemed to come together as a live unit at that point as anyone who has followed them since can attest.

This is one of the strongest albums the band has released to date. Perhaps the strongest overall effort since Youth. It is good to see the band does not rest on their laurels and have consistently continued to make new music while many bands from their era have stopped. The band seems to get better with age with well-crafted lyrics and perfectly executed music to match as Vibrating clearly demonstrates.

Here’s the complete track listing for VIBRATING:

1. Cut The Cord
2. Reason
3. All Our Pieces
4. Take
5. Undone
6. Rule No. 1
7. A Conversation With
8. Just Looking Around
9. Back Again
10. Where Do I Go

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