Molly Hatchet Still Delivering The Goods After All These Years

Concert Review
Molly Hatchet
Batavia Downs
Batavia, NY
Friday July 2, 2021
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

Molly Hatchet brought their southern style blend of good time rock and roll to the Batavia Downs on Friday. The band played many of their greatest hits and also delved into the long history of the band.

Guitarist Bobby Ingram has owned the trademark since 2000 and has kept the band intact out on the road. Although the band has no original members left, many have served time in the band for a long time. Ingram himself has been in the band non-stop since 1987. Keyboardist John Galvin has played with the band for over thirty years over a few stints. Drummer Shawn Beamer has played with the band since 2001 and bassist Tim Lindsey has been around since 2003. The longevity of this core is what makes this band special. The new kid on the block, vocalist Jimmy Elkins has been aboard since 2019.

Elkins sounded great on the gems “Whiskey Man”, “Bounty Hunter” and “Beatin’ The Odds” in which did the songs justice. Of course “Flirtin’ With Disaster” brought the house down and was Elkins finest song. When you have a singer who can pull off that gem and do it that well you have hit a homer. Original vocalist Danny Joe Brown would have been proud.

For every fan who enjoyed the show, there are always naysayers who didn’t even give the show a chance. Let them say what they will as long as the band is out putting on shows like this they will always have a fanbase who is happy that the band is still out on the road keeping the name alive.

Set List

Whiskey Man
Bounty Hunter
Gator Country
It’s All Over Now
One Man’s Pleasure
Devil’s Canyon
Beatin’ The Odds
In The Darkness Of The Night
Fall Of The Peacemakers
Son Of The South
Jukin’ City
Layla/Guitar Solo
Dreams I’ll Never See

The Journey
Flirtin’ With Disaster

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