Buckcherry Lights Up Lancaster Motorsports Park

Concert Review
Lancaster Motorsports Park
Lancaster, NY
Monday July 5, 2021
Review & Photos: Joseph Suto

They say rock ’n’ roll goes in cycles. Legendary bands such as Aerosmith and Deep Purple are just two bands of thousands that can attest to that statement. Buckcherry is another. Buckcherry has seen many ups and downs throughout their career. Judging from their first Buffalo area appearance in some five years out at the Lancaster Motorsports Park Monday evening, the band is definitely on the upswing once again. They put on a performance that surely left the devoted fanbase very satisfied.

Hitting the stage with “So Far” one of many standout tracks from their 15 album, helped set the tone for the evening. The majority of the set featured four songs from the band’s just released ninth studio album Hellbound as well as four from 15 which was just recently certified double platinum. The rest of the set pulled one cut from each album with the exception of 2015’s Rock’n’ Roll and the 2019 release Warpaint.

Vocalist Josh Todd still leads the band and he was flanked by the lone remaining member from the “15” era, guitarist Stevie Dacanay. Joining them were drummer Francis Ruiz, bassist Kelly LeMieux and former Jetboy guitarist Billy Rowe. The band sounded tight and the new songs sounded good and went over great with the crowd.

Although many fans seemed disappointed that songs which used to be set list standards such as “Next 2 You” and “Everything” were missing on this night, they couldn’t argue the band was sounding tight and clearly on top of their game. Like Todd stated “We are 100% live”. With Hellbound, by far one of band’s best albums in recent years and a fresh sounding live show things are once again looking up for Buckcherry.

Set List

So Far
So Hott
Out Of Line
Lit Up
Somebody Fucked With Me
No More Lies
Too Drunk
Crazy Bitch


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