Anderson and Company Shine At Seneca Niagara

Concert Review
Yes Featuring Anderson, Rabin
& Wakeman
Seneca Niagara Events Center
Niagara Falls, NY
Saturday October 7, 2017
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

Yes featuring vocalist Jon Anderson, guitarist Trevor Rabin and keyboardist Rick Wakeman landed at the Seneca Niagara Events Center Saturday evening. The band was last in town in November 2016. The band played a similar set this time around. Clocking in at two hours the band delivered another gem of a show.

The band not only featured the aforementioned members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who were inducted earlier this year but also drummer Lou Molino and bassist Lee Pomeroy. These guys gel so well together that it was evident right from the start. The connection for Molino was his past work with Rabin over the years playing live with him as well on his some of his solo albums. Pomeroy has played with many artists including Jeff Lynne in his current version of ELO as well as Steve Hackett. The list of who these two have played with is a who’s who in the music world.

By the time the band broke into “Hold On” from 90125, they had the crowd eating out of the palms of their hands. If that didn’t do it surely the exquisite version of “And You And I” would have as it brought out the first standing ovation of the night.

For my money the high point of the show was “Changes” and “Rhythm of Love”. Playing these two back to back was a brilliant move. Hearing Rabin sing “Changes” like he did on the record with Anderson was a treat. Those last two albums with Rabin released in the 80s still remain my favorite.

“Heart of the Sunrise” from Fragile was another song that sounded amazing. The band closed with their best-known song, the number one smash “Owner of a Lonely Heart”. Not only did that bring everyone out of their seat the band turned it into a fun song that had Wakeman go out in the crowd playing his keytar.

The band reconvened for the expected encore of “Roundabout” before taking their bows for the evening.

The show marked the second time the band has played the area and both times were an absolute treat. With two versions of Yes out on the touring trails there is double the fun and opportunities to see either version. I would highly recommend you to check out this version if you can only catch one. With Anderson leading the way, there is no denying that he still sounds amazing even as he nears the age of 73 (October 25). There is no telling how long either version will keep touring so I say to everyone see the shows and enjoy the songs these guys created while you can. There is no doubt from the smiles on their faces Saturday evening that these guys are relishing the moment.

Set List
Perpetual Change
Hold On
South Side Of The Sky
And You And I
Rhythm Of Love
I Am Waiting
Heart Of The Sunrise
Owner Of A Lonely Heart


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