Stone Sour Return To A Sold Out Rapids

Concert Review
Stone Sour
Steel Panther
Rapids Theatre
Niagara Falls, NY
Wednesday October 4, 2017
Review/Photos: Jenipher

As promised, Stone Sour came back through Niagara Falls, NY. Corey Taylor had told a sold out club, last time, they would be back and he was true to his word. This time bringing along area favorites, Steel Panther.

The night started off with an amazing burlesque show performed by the Cherry Bombs. I must say those girls really know how to get a crowd going. Not only are they talented acrobats and dancers, they knew just the right amount of skin to show when opening for the likes of Steel Panther.

Steel Panther aptly named this tour “2017 Girls in a Row” in reference to thier latest effort. True to form singer, Mike Starr and band mates came out on stage in glittery, skin tight, neon spandex. Attending a performance by them is just like stepping into a time warp. Hello, 1986!

If you have seen Steel Panther live before you know they are part rock band part comedy show. Guitarist, Satchel is full of one liners as well as raunchy behind the scene stories. Lexxi Foxx is the “pretty but clueless ” bass player and usually the butt of most jokes. The crowd ate it up, the more they offered, the more the fans gorged!

I honestly was a tad confused about the co-headlining tour when it was announced, however shortly after, I realized that it made sense. Both Stone Sour and Steel Panther had made cameos in each others recent videos.

Finally it was time for the band most of the crowd had been waiting for, Stone Sour. The Rapids Theatre felt like a sardine can. Bassist, Johnny Chow, was a hometown hero. It made everyone feel a sense of pride to say he was from Buffalo.

Corey Taylor came out and ripped right into the first song, “Taipei Person / Allah Tea”. Guitarists, Josh Rand and Christian Martucci, were polar opposites on either side of Taylor. Rand stood to the left, statue like, showcasing his undeniably talented playing. Martucci ripped into songs like “Knievel Has Landed” and “Reborn” as Taylor ran the length of the stage inciting mayhem in the already revved up crowd. Meanwhile, drummer Ray Moyorga held down the heavy rhythmic section. Moyorga pounded away on his double bass drum with a great force and what appeared to be little effort. Last but not least, bassist Chow, who’s beard is not the only thing impressive about him.

When he wasn’t running around, Taylor seemed to stalk, as if examining his prey, across the stage to his place center stage. Confirming his alpha male persona. As “Song #3” played he could be seen banging his head with great force, strawberry locks swinging away. The crowd hung onto his every word in between songs. The Rapids felt like a sauna when it came time for the encore. Bittersweet was the performance of “Fabuless”, it meant the show was over and yet it was extremely entertaining to watch. The stage became a playground to 5 “noodle men” rocking out along side the band. The inflatable wacky rockers represented each of the members of Stone Sour.

Stone Sour
YSIF @Tape
Taipei Person / Allah Tea
Knievel Has Landed
Take a Number
Say You’ll Haunt Me
Rose Red Violent Blue
Do Me a Favor
Cold Reader
Get Inside
Song #3
Through Glass

Gone Sovereign
Absolute Zero

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