It’s High Marx For Richard In Cozy Setting

DSC_7966Concert Review
Richard Marx
Bear’s Den At
Seneca Niagara Casino & Resort
Niagara Falls, NY
Thursday February 18, 2016
Review & Photos: Joseph Suto

Singer-songwriter Richard Marx returned to the Bear’s Den Thursday evening, making his first appearance since a memorable 2013 show. The intimacy of the venue made for a unique evening for many as Marx spun a few stories behind some of his many songs and had the audience engaged throughout.

He talked to the audience throughout the show making for a very entertaining evening as he showed his many sides to the audience. He was smug, cynical, snarky, funny and endearing as he wove through his brief 80-minute set. He also pointed out that he is a recent newlywed and told the story about how he and his wife adopted a pit bull. These are just a few of the subjects he touched on.

He began his set with one of his biggest hits in “Endless Summer Nights” which helped set the tone for the evening. As some fan yelled out for him to play more songs from the 80s Marx stressed it was the late 80s, earning some prompt laughter from his adoring fans.

Marx announced he would play some songs he wrote for others that became big. He was prepared to play his next song when a female in the front row requested “This I Promise”. Marx obliged and the fan asked if she could sit on the edge of the stage during the song. Marx said no instead offering the fan one of his stools to sit on the stage as he played it. Just before he starts the song the woman’s husband returned from the bar and said “I leave you for two minutes…”, making for quite a memorable story they can tell for years to come.

At one point during the show, Marx was unhappy with the tuning of his guitar so he unplugged it and played it without amplification and without a microphone as he walked from one side of the stage to the other.


I’m not sure if Marx had read our last review but this time he closed out the evening by playing “Right Here Waiting” on the piano. On his previous show he had played it on guitar, while it still sounded decent, it lacked those familiar key strokes of the ivories. Playing it on piano was the way it was meant to be played as Marx waived to the crowd and bid them sweet adieu.

For those familiar with his catalog, Marx not only has his own songs but has written many hits for a wide range of artists in many genres as well. Marx has a unique fan base because of this. For fans of Marx it was the best of both worlds, a night some will hold onto forever.


Set List
Endless Summer Nights
Take This Heart
DSC_7977Keep Coming Back
Turn Off The Night
This I Promise You
Take Me Down
Long Hot Summer
Hold On To The Nights
Now And Forever
Should’ve Known Better
Don’t Mean Nothing
Right Here Waiting

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