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220px-Steven_Wilson_Hand_Cannot_Erase_coverCD Review
Steven Wilson
Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Kscope Records
Producer: Steven Wilson
Review: Joseph Suto

Steven Wilson may not be a household name at this stage of his career, but rest assured he soon will be. The leader of progressive outfit Porcupine Tree has now released two critically acclaimed solo albums. Hand. Cannot. Erase. is his latest effort and one that should help him open more doors and gain a wider audience.

On his latest album, Wilson took a true story of a woman who society had forgotten as she was dead in her apartment for close to three years. Wilson delves right in holding nothing back as he weaves his musical tale. Wilson also wrote, produced and mixed the entire affair.

Joining him on the release are guitarist Guthrie Govan, bassist/Chapman stick Nick Beggs, drummer Marco Minnemann all of whom toured with him in the past.

The album breaks new ground on many cuts although you can hear many of Wilson’s influences throughout the disc as he pays homage to Rush, Genesis to name a few.
The title track and “Routine” appear to be the best of the lot. I will say there is no filler here as the songs all tell the story that Wilson set out to accomplish. There is an even mix of songs over and under the five minute mark.

Hand. Cannot. Erase. is by far the best album Wilson has made to date and a strong candidate for album of the year. He seems to top each release making me extremely excited for his next release.

Track Listing
01. First Regret
02. 3 Years Older
03. Hand Cannot Erase
04. Perfect Life
05. Routine
06. Home Invasion
07. Regret #9
08. Transience
09. Ancestral
10. Happy Returns
11. Ascendant Here On…

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