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220px-WhenthesmokeclearsCD Review
When The Smoke Clears
The End Records
Producers: Cody Hanson/Marshall Dutton
Review:Joseph Suto

Hinder came strong out of the gate back in 2005 with their explosive debut Extreme Behavior. “Get Stoned” and “Lips Of An Angel” received strong airplay helping to push the album to triple platinum status. The band’s sophomore release fared well but not as good only reaching gold, despite playing several high profile tours. Each successive release has sold less despite All American Nightmare and Welcome To The Freakshow being solid releases.

The band replaced singer Austin Winkler late in 2013. After a series of replacement singers the band settled on Marshall Dutton who has worked with the band since 2009 and co-produced Welcome To The Freakshow alongside drummer Cody Hanson.

When The Smoke Clears is the fifth studio release for Hinder. Sadly after many listens the album is very generic and lacks the vocal punch that Winkler had given the band. That’s not to say Dutton is a bad vocalist. While some of the songs have some good riffs and a few hooks there is not much that sets the songs apart from one another.

“Hit The Ground” and “Foolish Eyes” are two of the songs that stood out from the pack and show a little promise but neither can compete with any of the band’s older singles.

Hinder is in uncharted territory at this point. They really needed a strong release especially since they have a new lead singer. Perhaps the loss of Winkler’s songwriting ability also is to blame for the subpar release. I have always thought of Hinder as one of the better bands to come from the mid 2000s. It’s a shame now that the smoke has cleared I see a band still in search for that missing ingredient.

Track Listing
01. Rather Hate Than Hurt
02. Hit The Ground
03. Wasted Life
04. If Only For Tonight
05. Intoxicated
06. Dead To Me
07. Foolish Eyes
08. Nothing Left To Lose
09. Letting Go
10. I Need Another Drink

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