Marillion, Sound Of Contact Close Out Weekend In Grand Fashion

DSC_5274Concert Review
Montreal Weekend ’13
Night Three- Sunday
L’Olympia Theatre
Montreal, Quebec
Sunday March 24, 2013
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto


The weekend seemed to breeze right by as Sunday came upon us so quickly. The band performed their latest release Sounds That Can’t Be Made in its entirety but instead of playing it in order they opted to spread it throughout the evening. The night started off with “Gaza” the opening track from Sounds That Can’t Be Made. By doing it this way it allowed the band to mix in such gems as “Waiting To Happen” and “King Of Sunset Town” and gave the show more flow for those unfamiliar with their latest release. They also included the two crowd favorites everyone was hoping for, “This Strange Engine” and “Neverland” both long tracks clocking in over ten minutes each.

The crowd response following the guitar solo by Steve Rothery during “This Strange Engine” will go down as one of those standout memories that will be etched in the fans minds for years to come. The Marillion weekends in Montreal tend to have these special moments or memories that make them all worthwhile.

“Montreal”, the opening song that kicked off Friday’s show was played again on Sunday this time it was accompanied by a video screen presentation which featured snapshots taken from around the city.

The band came back out for one final encore with their classic “Garden Party”. Hogarth appeared back on stage in a Montreal Canadiens hockey jersey as he playfully belted out the evening’s final song.

Sometimes adjectives and words don’t always do an event justice.  Sometimes its not the full show that really stands out but perhaps a certain moment. Perhaps like the one which occurred Saturday when the thunderous applause following “The Great Escape” took place, which h called “the loudest and longest ovation we’ve experienced in our lives”. To describe a Marillion Weekend or to fully appreciate it, one must be there in person to experience it. Then and only then can one truly envision what it is all about.

Sound Of Contact, the new progressive rock band fronted by Simon Collins played their first ever show Sunday evening to a receptive crowd. Collins the son of Genesis guru Phil Collins, played drums and also came out to the front of the stage to sing as well.

The lineup featured the talents of Dave Kerzner (keyboards, backing vocals), who along with Collins co-wrote and co-produced Dimensionaut, the bands debut forthcoming release. It was also mixed by Nick Davis known for his work with Genesis and is also the producer of Marillion’s 1989 release Seasons End.

Rounding out the lineup was John Wesley (guitars, vocals), Matt Dorsey (bass, backing vocals), and Jonathan Schang (additional Drums & Keys). Wesley who has played with Porcupine Tree and former Marillion singer Fish has been a regular at the Montreal weekends since they began in 2009. Wesley also has a successful solo career which dates back to 1994.

The music has been described as atmospheric science fiction inspired space rock. The upcoming release is a concept album that offers a refreshing balance of musical styles. You surely will be hearing more from this band in 2013. Stay tuned.

Waiting to Happen
Lucky Man
This Strange Engine
Pour My Love
Invisible Ink
Sounds That Can’t Be Made
The King of Sunset Town
The Sky Above The Rain
2nd Encore
3rd Encore
Garden Party

Sound Of Contact 
Cosmic Distance Ladder
Pale Blue Dot
Remote View
Not Coming Down
Closer To You
Omega Point
Möbius Slip Part 1: In The Difference Engine

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