Brave Performance One For The Ages For Marillion

DSC_4374Concert Review
Montreal Weekend ’13
Night Two- Saturday
L’Olympia Theatre
Montreal, Quebec
Saturday March 23, 2013
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto


Several diehard fans waited outside in line some seven hours before the doors to the venue were even open. Now that’s dedication as they might of had an inkling of what was to be as they waited patiently for the moment for Marillion to take the stage.

Marillion proceeded to play the entire Brave album from start to finish. The 1994 concept album was performed in a manner that left the crowd very emotional. Just a few songs into the album, the crowd gave the band a standing ovation that lasted quite long for being so early into the set. As there was a natural break between songs the band stood in awe at how receptive the crowd was. Carrying on the band received another stirring ovation later on following the conclusion “The Great Escape/The Last Of You/Fallin’ From The Moon”. It took a while before the band concluded with the hopeful “Made Again”.

The band after a short break came back and played a second set that began with the track “Rich”. In the middle of the set the pace picked up as the band pulled out “Warm Wet Circles” and its connecting piece “That Time Of The Night”, two songs rarely played much over the past decade. The set ended with “Out Of This World” a track culled from 1995s Afraid Of Sunlight.

Back for the encore the band chose to go all the way back to the first album singer Steve Hogarth, or h for short, recorded with the band Seasons End. The title track was first and it may have very well been the best live version of that particular song, that I’ve seen the band perform. The night ended with “The Space” also taken from Seasons End.

The crowd on this particular evening was one that was full of passion as they were able to absorb the atmosphere of all that was going on around them. There was indeed an aura in the air that made the night have a certain kind of magic to it.

Saturday’s show was kicked off by a solo outing for Marillion bassist Pete Trawavas, who played acoustic guitar. Pete described his set as songs that were sitting around that were never used.

Singer/Songwriter Jacob Moon followed Pete’s set with an acoustic set of his own. Opening with a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Come Talk To Me”, Moon set the tone and captured the attention of the crowd from the onset. He played a few of his songs as well as sprinkled in Marillion covers “Kayleigh” and “Lavender”. Ending his set with a story of when he met Rush drummer Neil Peart, he closed his show with an interesting take on the Rush track “Subdivisions”.


Brave Set
Living With The Big Lie
Goodbye To All That
Hard as Love
The Hollow Man
Alone Again In the Lap Of Luxury
Paper Lies
The Great Escape
Made Again
2nd Set
The Damage
Trap The Spark
Warm Wet Circles
That Time Of The Night (The Short Straw)
Drilling Holes
Out Of This World
Seasons End
The Space…

Jacob Moon
Come Talk To Me (Peter Gabriel Cover)
Live A Little
The Great Beyond
Let Down (Radiohead Cover)
Kayleigh (Marillion Cover)
Lavender (Marillion Cover)
Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
Subdivisions (Rush Cover)

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