Shania Is Still The One In Buffalo

DSC_3886Concert Review
Shania Twain
First Niagara Center
Buffalo, NY
Saturday October 3, 2015
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto



Saturday night marked Shania Twain’s first show in town in over twelve years. Twain had retired from touring in 2004 citing vocal problems as the main reason. She returned after a sabbatical and some rehab for her voice with a residency in Vegas in 2012. Shania and her voice were in prime form during her 105-minute performance at the First Niagara Center. Continue reading

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Jenkins & Third Eye Blind Give Gratifying Performance

DSC_3464Concert Review
Third Eye Blind
Avalon Theatre
@ Fallsview Casino
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Thursday September 24, 2015
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto


The Avalon Theatre inside the Fallsview Casino came alive to the sights and sounds of Third Eye Blind Thursday evening. The show marked the first time the band played the prestigious venue. It had been some four plus years since the band played close to the Buffalo area. Continue reading

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CD Review- Don Henley

220px-Don_Henley_Cass_CountyCD Review
Don Henley
Cass County
Capitol Records
Producers: Don Henley & Stan Lynch
Review: Dave Leary

Cass County has been promoted as Don Henley’s country album. It’s not too surprising that Henley would make such a record. The early Eagles records had many songs that leaned more toward country in both songwriting and instrumentation. Named after the part of Texas where he grew up, this is Henley’s fifth solo album and first since 2000. Continue reading

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CD Review- Motörhead

220px-MotorheadBadMagicCD Review
Bad Magic
UDR Music
Review: Robert Winans



As time goes on, there are fewer new bands breaking into the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal genre that are getting the God-like status that was the norm in the 80’s. Maybe there is something that younger musicians have a hard time capturing when trying to be more aggressive. Continue reading

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Scorpions & Queensrÿche A Perfect Match In Cleveland

DSC_3274Concert Review

Jacob’s Pavilion
Cleveland, OH
Wednesday September 23, 2015
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto



What do you get when you take Germany’s greatest export and Seattle’s finest? You get a fantastic rock and roll double bill. Cleveland, Ohio found out first hand Wednesday evening exactly how satisfying a Scorpions/Queensrÿche concert can be. The 5000-seat Jacobs Pavilion was the place to be as both bands not only played their hit songs from yesteryear but showed why they can still perform at an extremely high level with some newer material as well. The show marked the first Cleveland appearance for the Scorpions since 2010. Continue reading

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An Ode To Gary Richrath

By: Thom Jennings




When I was 14 years old, REO Speedwagon dropped one of the greatest albums in the history of rock music, “Hi Infidelity.” From top to bottom, the songs epitomized everything that was great about what was later dubbed “arena rock.” Continue reading

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