Our Top 5 Holiday Songs

Top 5 Holiday Songs
December 24, 2020
By: Joseph Suto

It seems with each passing year we get more and more Holiday songs to enjoy for the Christmas season. Here we ranked our all-time favorite original songs as well as picked out two new songs released this year which should become classics.

1. Christmas All Over Again- The song was written and performed by Tom Petty. The song appears on A Very Special Christmas 2 album released in 1992. This song is infectious and has also been recorded by The Goo Goo Dolls this year. Continue reading

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Album Review- AC/DC- Power Up

Album Review
Power Up
Columbia Records
**** 1/2
Review: Joseph Suto

A very wise friend once told me you can’t really judge an album properly until hearing it at minimum five times. This has been a guideline I still follow to a “T” some thirty years later. Affectionately and appropriately I have deemed this as the Langerman Method in his honor. This ties in perfectly to the new album from AC/DC. Power Up is the band’s latest album and their first since 2014’s Rock Or Bust. After just one listen I could honestly say it is clearly the band’s best complete album since Flick of the Switch. Continue reading

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CD Review- Dennis DeYoung

CD Review
Dennis DeYoung
26 East: Volume 1
Frontiers Music
By: Thom Jennings

When I interviewed Dennis DeYoung a few years ago he said he was working on a new concept album. The concept was “don’t suck.” That album has arrived, and it doesn’t suck.

DeYoung has done a masterful job promoting 26 East, Vol. 1. When I first heard that the album had an official release date I contemplated reaching out to Dennis’ manager-who has always been extremely accommodating over the years-but I decided I wanted to experience this album just like I did with all of those Styx albums in the good old days. On vinyl, and on the date it was released to the public. Continue reading

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Original Asia Has Plenty Of Daylight Ahead

Retro Concert Review
Reunion Tour
Seneca Niagara Events Center
Niagara Falls, NY
Saturday September 2, 2006
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

Every now and then we will go through the archives of Joseph Suto and post reviews written from days past.Here is one that was significant with the return of the Original Asia. This show was just the band’s 4th since they had last played together in 1983.

The Seneca Niagara Events Center witnessed an event many never thought they’d see again Saturday evening. The return of Asia featuring guitarist Steve Howe, singer/bassist John Wetton, drummer Carl Palmer and keyboardist Geoffrey Downes all playing together on the same stage again. It had been twenty-three years since the “Original” Asia last performed together. The current reunion trek kicked off with a concert Wednesday in Rochester. This show marked the band’s fourth since reforming. Early indications show the band hasn’t missed a beat playing to capacity crowds already. Continue reading

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CD Review- Tesla

CD Review
Five Man London Jam
UME Music
Review: Joseph Suto

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of their groundbreaking album Five Man Acoustical Jam released in 1990, the band played a special show at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in June 2019. The band carefully chose a selection of songs to perform to pay homage to their 1990 album. When the band recorded the original, they had only two albums under their belts so they included a bunch of covers to round out the show. The band kicked off the current album with “Cumin Atcha Live/Truckin” as they did on FMAJ. Now with eight studio albums released the set only includes two other covers “Signs” and The Beatles “We Can Work It Out”, the latter making a neat tie in to the venue. Continue reading

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A Perfect Show For The Time By Nelsons At Fallsview

Concert Review
Ricky Nelson Remembered
Starring Matthew and Gunnar Nelson
Wednesday March 11, 2020
Avalon Ballroom
Fallsview Casino
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

With all that is going on all over the world, The Nelson Brothers, Matthew and Gunnar put on a fantastic 75-minute show that not only celebrated their dad Rick Nelson it also took you away from all that was going on. It was the perfect escape if only for a short part of the day. As stated by Gunnar, “Keep calm, everything will blow over, it always does.” With those encouraging words the brothers took us back in time by honoring their Dad, a true pioneer. Continue reading

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