Mike Tramp Returns To The Scene Of The Crime

Concert Review
Mike Tramp
Samuel’s Grande Manor
Williamsville, NY
Wednesday October 4, 2023
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

It has been just a mere four months that Mike Tramp last came to town and played at Samuel’s. Last time it was just guitarist Marcus Nand and Tramp playing along with a bass and drum machine. This time both played with a full band including drummer Brentt Arcement and bassist Jerry Best. Opening the show was Jim Crean’s Hair Nation this time playing a full electric set. This marked the first Buffalo appearance of Tramp with a full band since 2005 when he played the old Rock N Roll Heaven in Cheektowaga.

Still touring in support of his Songs of White Lion album, Tramp delivered a similar set to the one he played last time but dropped “Radar Love” and added a stellar “Lady of the Valley”. He also added “Have You Ever” from his first solo album, 1997’s Capricorn. Tramp has fourteen solo albums to his credit which puts him at the top of the list as far as singers from “hair band era” with solo careers goes. To top that off he has several of those albums charting on the Danish album charts.

It isn’t every day that Mike Tramp comes to town although having him here twice within a four month span was surely a treat. If you missed out on these shows shame on you. The legacy of White Lion relies on Tramp going out touring to help keep the band’s music alive as there was no one else from the band doing it. For the folks who missed it, do not make the same mistake a third time should we get lucky enough to have Tramp grace our city in the future.

Set List

Lonely Nights
Tell Me
Living On The Edge
Cry For Freedom
Love Don’t Come Easy
Till Death Do Us Part
Have You Ever
Little Fighter
Broken Heart
When The Children Cry
Lady of the Valley
Farewell To You

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