Ugly Kid Joe Return As If They Never Left

Concert Review
Ugly Kid Joe
Pistols At Dawn
The Agora Theatre
Cleveland, OH
Thursday May 25, 2023
Review & Photos: Joseph Suto

The Rad Wings of Destiny tour rolled into the acclaimed Agora Thursday night. Don’t let the fact that Ugly Kid Joe has not played a full proper U.S. Tour since 1995 fool you. These guys relished the chance to finally play the U.S. touring circuit and delivered an amazing set to the Cleveland faithful. For this show Pistols At Dawn and Cleveland’s Drenalin supported.

The live version of the band consisted of vocalist Whitfield Crane, guitarists Dave Fortman and Klaus Eichstadt, drummer Cam Greenwood and bassist Mike Squires. These guys tore through the catalog playing something from all eras of the band with a very healthy dose of America’s Least Wanted. They kicked things off with “That Ain’t Livin’ which also is the first track off their latest album Rad Wings Of Destiny.

The band played it safe by doing the expected songs from their back catalog while only running through two numbers from their latest. Considering how long ago they last toured on U.S. soil it was the smart thing to do. Digging through the archives the last time the band had played Cleveland was in 1995 at the Odeon.

The highlights were as expected with “Neighbor”, “Cats In The Cradle” and closing song “Everything About You” getting the biggest cheers. The band did not disappoint. Perhaps the biggest disappointment was the size of the crowd. With the upcoming holiday weekend as well as the Sonic Temple Festival going on, those factors definitely played a part on the turnout. But like true warriors the band delivered as expected. Let’s just hope we see them again sooner rather than another extended period of time.

Ugly Kid Joe

Pistols At Dawn

Set List

That Ain’t Livin’
Jesus Rode a Harley
Panhandlin’ Prince @Info[Featured a Guitar Solo]
No One Survives
Devil’s Paradise
So Damn Cool
Cat’s in the Cradle
I’m Alright
Milkman’s Son
Goddamn Devil
Come Tomorrow
Ace of Spades
Everything About You

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