Album Review- Mike Tramp

Album Review
Mike Tramp
The Songs of White Lion
Frontiers Records


The Songs of White Lion is the brand new album featuring the big songs recorded by Mike Tramp who was the lead singer of White Lion.

Tramp explains “Now, here I am again, the year is 2023 and I have recorded an album of the ‘big’ White Lion songs as close to the originals as possible, but exploring small new parts that today I feel should be that way. I am not 26 anymore, I don’t sing like I am 26, and I wouldn’t be doing justice to the songs or myself if I tried to sing like I am 26. Today, I sing the songs that I wrote with Vito Bratta over 40 years ago exactly the way I am today. This is the only way I can embrace them and feel at home and be honest to myself and the songs,” he concludes.

For the fans who are familiar with White Lion they should truly enjoy the new updated versions. While they may not have the polish and bite of the originals, the songs themselves are what this album is truly about. For casual music listeners who have never heard of the band they should thoroughly enjoy the songs. For the short period of time White Lion was around they sure crafted out a great catalog of songs as witnessed here on this record.

The highlights for me are “Little Fighter”, “Broken Heart” and “Going Home Tonight”. While the original versions with guitarist Vito Brata will never be topped, the versions on here are solid and the way in which they are performed give the songs in some cases more appeal. I love the way in which Mike changes the way he sings and the phrasing of the songs lyrics. Also check out Mike with Marcus Nand as they tour across the U.S. from May 2 through June 2.






Lady Of The Valley
Little Fighter
Broken Heart
Love Don’t Come Easy
Cry For Freedom
Going Home Tonight
All The Fallen Men
Living On The Edge
Tell Me
When The Children Cry

Mike Tramp – Vocals
Marcus Nand – Guitars
Claus Langeskov – Bass
Alan Tschicaja – Drums
Sebastian Groset – Keyboard
Christoffer Stjerne – Harmonies



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