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Billy Joel
Thom Jennings
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We sat down to discuss the magnificent catalog from William Martin Joel. While he has not made a true studio release since 1993’s River of Dreams, it was what he did from then all the way to his quiet start in 1971, with Cold Spring Harbor. Sit back and see how we ranked em.

12. An Innocent Man
11. Cold Spring Harbor
10. River Of Dreams
09. The Bridge
08. Piano Man
07. Turnstiles
06. Storm Front
05. Streetlife Serenade
04. Glass Houses
03. The Nylon Curtain
02. 52nd Street
01. The Stranger

Thom Jennings
12. Cold Spring Harbor
11. River Of Dreams
10. Turnstiles
09. Piano Man
08. Storm Front
07. Streetlife Serenade
06. The Bridge
05. An Innocent Man
04. The Nylon Curtain
03. Glass Houses
02. 52nd Street
01. The Stranger

12. River of Dreams
11. Piano Man
10. Storm Front
09. Streetlife Serenade
08. 52 Street
07. An Innocent Man
06. Turnstiles
05. The Nylon Curtain
04. The Bridge
03. Cold Spring Harbor
02. The Stranger
01. Glass Houses

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