Live Kickoff Sparkling New OLG Stage At Fallsview

Concert Photos
Saturday Rocktober 29, 2022
OLG Stage @ Fallsview Casino Resort
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Photos: Joseph Suto

Saturday night marked the first concert inside the brand spanking new 94.1 million OLG Stage inside Fallsview Casino Resort. The 5,000 seat venue is the largest soft seat venue in all of Canada. The new entertainment centre has state of the art sound and lighting systems, along with unobstructed views from every seat.

The York, PA group Live fronted by singer/guitarist Ed Kowalczyk had the honor of being the first concert and the fantastic acoustics really came into play as the band sounded absolutely stunning. Not bad for a band who had not played a show since February 2020, just before the start of the pandemic.

If you get a chance make sure to check out this magnificent venue as it truly is a crown jewel and coupled together with the Avalon Theatre it gives Fallsview Casino Resort a combo that can’t be beat.

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