Judas Priest Take A Trip Back Through Time

Concert Review
Judas Priest
Saturday Rocktober 15, 2022
MVP Arena
Albany, NY
Review: Joseph Suto
Photos: Joseph Suto

Judas Priest took to the MVP Arena stage Saturday night for their second show on this fall leg of their latest tour. This time around they are still celebrating 50 years of the mighty Judas Priest which started . It almost seemed like a flashback to 2005 when Priest also toured with Queensrÿche on another memorable tour. I like the fact that Judas Priest brings bands who truly deserve the slot and that it also gives the fans a well balanced show.

For those who have caught an earlier leg of the tour, they took notice right away with only five songs from previous legs being repeated. You talk about totally revamping a set list, these guys are truly digging into the massive catalog the band has amassed over the decades. Pulling out such rare songs as “Genocide” last played in 1982 and Painkiller‘s “Between the Hammer and the Anvil”, they proceeded to give the set a whole new look and feel. Also while playing rare tracks celebrating the 40th anniversary of the bands true breakthrough album Screaming For Vengeance.

Those who attended also know the band seems in mid tour form as they are firing on all cylinders. Guitarists Richie Faulkner and Andy Sneap really played their guitar parts to a “t”, showcasing that familiar twin guitar sound Priest has always been famous for. With the solid rhythm section of bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis that has been together since 1990 the band never misses a beat. What about vocalist Rob Halford you say? Well Halford just turned 71 a few months ago but listening to his voice you would never know. His voice seems stronger on this leg than it did last fall. I still don’t know how he can sing the song “Painkiller”, although they did give it a rest this leg, he showcased the range of his voice on “Beyond the Realms of Death”. Simply stunning.

At the end of the show Halford stated the Priest will be back indicating they have no plans to retire anytime soon. With how good Halford sounds and as long as he can physically perform, one can hope the band can eke out a few more tours. I hope some of the younger bands who have been around for a bit can take notice and be inspired on how things should be done. JUDAS PRIEST Is cementing their legacy and putting a solid exclamation point on it to boot.

Judas Priest Photo Gallery

Queensrÿche Photo Gallery

Judas Priest Set List
The Hellion
Electric Eye
Riding on the Wind
You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’
Never the Heroes
Beyond the Realms of Death
Judas Rising
Heading Out to the Highway
Between the Hammer and the Anvil
Halls of Valhalla
Screaming for Vengeance

Hell Bent for Leather
Breaking the Law
Living After Midnight

Queensrÿche Quick Take

The band hit the stage with the screams of gem “Queen of the Reich” and proceeded to focus in by playing a few old school cuts from their debut The Warning. “En Force” and “Warning” were very welcomed additions to the bands ever evolving set list. Queensrÿche is another band who has so many great songs to choose from on a nightly basis. Tonight was no exception as they played a rare “Operation: Mindcrime” and Rage For Order gem “Screaming In Digital”.

They lineup has stabilized behind original members guitarist Michael “Whip” Wilton and bassist Eddie Jackson. Hard to believe it has now been ten years since singer Todd La Torre joined. Drummer Casey Grillo has been around for a few years and this is the best performance I’ve seen from him yet. As for the underdog of the band that title goes to guitarist Mike Stone. He seems to have breathed a new life into the band. I have always enjoyed Stoney’s playing and he has clearly been the best guitarist that has had to fill the shoes left behind by Chris DeGarmo.

With their new album just hitting the racks, I have heard nothing but positive takes on Digital Noise Alliance. “Behind the Walls” was played and most are saying this release is the best one with La Torre yet. While it is good to see the band still making records, it is really the stage where most want to see them. The one thing you can say after a Queensryche show just like tonight is they never disappoint.

Queen of the Reich
En Force
Behind the Walls
Operation: Mindcrime
Take Hold of the Flame
Screaming in Digital
Eyes of a Stranger

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