Scorpions Sting Detroit With Blitz Of Power

Concert Review
Pine Knob Music Theatre
Clarkston, MI
Tuesday August 30, 2022
Review: Joseph Suto
Photos: Joseph Suto

Hard to imagine but it had been some twelve years since the Scorpions last visited the Motor City. They made up for lost time Tuesday evening when they played the Pine Knob Music Theatre much to everyone’s delight. Detroit is generally considered a major tour stop for any major rock band especially a band as distinguished as the Scorpions are.

Kicking things off with “Gas in the Tank” from the band’s recent release Rock Believer, they let it be known that this show will not just feature nostalgia. No this was a night where the band mixed in four new songs to perfection alongside the golden nuggets in their arsenal. Among those highlights were “Seventh Sun” and “Peacemaker”. The twin guitar attack of Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs never sounded better. The rhythm section of drummer Mikkey Dee and bassist Pawel Maciwoda was solid all night.

Things slowed down a bit as the gorgeous ballad “Send Me An Angel” echoed gallantly throughout once again anointed name of Pine Knob. The night got a little emotional as singer Klaus Meine spoke and dedicated “Wind of Change” to Mikhail Gorbachev who had passed away earlier in the day. The band had been performing it with changes to the opening lyrics, but reverted back to the original version on this night.

The band really closed the show out in high speed fashion with a blistering version of “Blackout” before closing out the main set with “Big City Nights”. Back for a two-song encore they reverted back to the classic rock staple “No One Like You” which was performed on opening night in Toronto but not the following two shows. There was no other way to close out the show than playing their best known song “Rock You Like A Hurricane”.

Initially when these guys laid out their farewell plan in 2010, that was to be it. Then along the way they decided to take things as they come and keep forging ahead. Boy are we forever grateful the band decided to keep going. Seeing is believing with this band. They are playing some of the best live shows in their career these days which is hard to fathom so late at this stage. Judging from the many smiles in attendance as well as the lengthy absence from playing in Detroit, the band made up for it and then some.

Set List
Gas in the Tank
Make It Real
The Zoo
Coast to Coast
Seventh Sun
Bad Boys Running Wild
Delicate Dance
Send Me an Angel
Wind of Change
Tease Me Please Me
Rock Believer
New Vision (with bass and drum solo)
Big City Nights

No One Like You
Rock You Like a Hurricane

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