Ranking The Albums- AC/DC

Ranking The Albums
All 16 Studio releases
Thom Jennings
Joseph Suto

We took the monumental task of ranking all the studio albums. Sit back and listen as these two guys dig deep through the albums and give their take on each and every one chronologically.

Thom Jennings

16- Ballbreaker
15- Blow Up Your Video
14- Black Ice
13- Fly On The Wall
12- Flick of the Switch
11- Rock Or Bust
10- Power Up
09- Stiff Upper Lip
08- Powerage
07- For Those About To Rock
06- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
05- The Razor’s Edge
04- High Voltage
03- Highway To Hell
02- Let There Be Rock
01- Back in Black

Joseph Suto

16- Rock Or Bust
15- Ballbreaker
14- Stiff Upper Lip
13- Black Ice
12- Powerage
11- Let There Be Rock
10- High Voltage
09- Power Up
08- The Razor’s Edge
07- Blow Up Your Video
06- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
05- Fly On The Wall
04- Highway To Hell
03- Flick of the Switch
02- For Those About To Rock
01- Back In Black

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