Shaun Cassidy Still Believes In Magic

Concert Review
Shaun Cassidy
Bear’s Den
Seneca Niagara Casino
Niagara Falls, NY
Review: Joseph Suto

Former teen sensation Shaun Cassidy made another appearance at the Bear’s Den Saturday evening. He first appeared in August of 2019 which at that time was one of his first shows since his 1980 Astrodome show. Yes some 39 years later Cassidy finally decided to start performing live again. He has to hold the record for the longest downtime between concerts. Obviously he has been busy writing and producing many television series as well as his busy family life.

His show was similar in style to the last time he came to Seneca Niagara Casino. He told many stories between songs and kept the audience engaged. Highlights from this evening were of course his big hits “That’s Rock ’n’ Roll”, “Teen Dream” and “Hey Deanie”. “It’s like Heaven” the gift as Shaun called it from Beach Boy Brian Wilson, to me was the best song of the night.

He also did a small Christmas segment to help set the tone for everyone’s holiday season. To help augment the sound Cassidy brought along two players to accompany him including his nephew guitarist Cole Cassidy.

For anyone who has already seen Cassidy in one of his recent shows they were hoping to hear some of his other songs that he did not perform the last time. He basically kept to the same set he has been playing. This reviewer would recommend to Cassidy to play his first two albums, both of which went platinum, in full and tell the stories about the songs and recording them. So many great songs such as “It’s Up To You”, “Walk Away”, “Carolina’s Comin’ Home” are just a few many of the diehards would love to hear. There was a shoutout for gem “Audrey” but Cassidy kind of smiled and went into his next number.

After all these years to see Cassidy up on stage performing is satisfaction enough for many of his fans. He acknowledged one of his reasons for finally coming back to the stage was the fans. He feels his connection to his fans which he describes as unique. After all these years his fans are still there. Now it’s time to give them what they want.

Set List

Magic of a Midnight Sky
That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll
Teen Age Idol
It’s Like Heaven
Jumpin’ Through Hoops
Stranded in Beverly Hills
Teen Dream
She’s Right
Hey There Lonely Girl
Do You Believe in Magic?
If I Loved You
I’ll Meet You Halfway
Tell Me It’s Not True
Hey Deanie
Magic of a Midnight Sky
If This Is The Last Song I Write

Xmas Segment
Sleigh Ride
Have A Merry Little Christmas
Baby Please Come Home

Da Doo Ron Ron

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