Halestorm Delivers A Gem After Seven Year Drought

Concert Review
The Hu
Cory Marks
Artpark Outdoor Stage
Lewiston, NY
Wednesday September 1, 2021
Review: Alexandra

Wednesday night could best be described as loud, thrilling, and diverse as Halestorm made a triumphant return to the Buffalo area after a seven year drought.

Cory Marks was prepared to get everyone amped up for the evening with hits from the album Who I Am as he opened the show at Artpark in Lewiston. Even if you’re not a fan of the usual country music you hear on the radio, there was no doubt from the cheering that the band made a lasting impression on the crowd. The balance between country and rock delivered a sound that could be felt in one’s chest that easily set the tone for the next acts to come.

Music has a special way of connecting a crowd, even if the lyrics are in another language. The Hu was greeted by enthusiastic chanting the moment the group walked onto the stage, which of course was encouraged throughout the show between songs. The style of music takes traditional Mongolian instrumentation and throat singing, then mixes it with heavy metal to achieve songs that can rile up a crowd while paying homage to their roots. For those fans who enjoy listening to something new, The Hu is newer to the scene but the group can easily deliver that taste of variation a heavy metal fan might be looking for.

After an incredible lead-up by Cory Marks and The Hu, the crowd was surprised by a short drum-solo by Halestorm’s Arejay Hale as the group prepared to provide a show that made you want to turn the volume up. Ever playful and bold, Lzzy Hale was ready to rock the park with hits like “I Get Off,” “Mayhem,” and “Uncomfortable”. Referred to as something from Side B, Lzzy Hale indulged the crowd in the song “Chemicals” as a way to pay respect to those fighting with mental illness because at the rock show we are all in this together. Halestorm didn’t hold back from lowering the microphones to include the crowd in singing the chorus from “Amen” and “Freak Like Me.” The crowd at Artpark was extremely responsive and this energy never dropped from start to finish.

Nothing was held back during the finale as Halestorm ended with “Here’s To Us” as their farewell for the evening- a song that many can relate to. The group was not shy about expressing their appreciation for Cory Marks and The Hu, as well as for their fans who came out to this show during what was remarked as one of their “strange tours”. It was refreshing to see concertgoers of all ages in attendance, but more importantly it was wonderful to be in good company with those who craved a little outdoor rock and roll during the week.

Set List
I Get Off
Mz. Hyde
I Am the Fire
I Will Always Love You [With Break In intro]
The Silence
Drum Solo
Back From the Dead
Freak Like Me

Here’s to Us
Love Bites (So Do I)
I Miss the Misery

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