Queensryche Bring The Rock Show To The Downs

Concert Review
Batavia Downs
Batavia, NY
Friday August 13, 2021
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto


While Friday the 13th may be bad luck to some, to the fans of Queensryche it was simply seeing a majestic show put on by their favorite band. The fact that the band were able to deliver such a gem of a show without any kind of fancy stage or even a banner, shows how deep their music is. The band managed to play many songs from their 1983 EP right through to 1995’s Promised Land. The only other album represented was 2019’s The Verdict.

Starting with a bang in “The Needle Lies” the band kicked it up even more with the delectable “Walk In The Shadows from Rage For Order. “Prophecy”, a gem that never made it on an official album rounded out the trilogy that opened the show. “I Am I” the lone representative from Promised Land was sandwiched between a pair of cuts from The Verdict. From there it literally was one gem after another til the show ended.

The band still features original members Michael Wilton and Eddie Jackson. Vocalist Todd La Torre has been in the band since 2012. Guitarist Mike Stone has returned to the band for touring this year. Stone also played with the band from 2003-2008. Having Stone back seemed to rejuvenate the band. Drummer Casey Grillo has toured with the band since 2017. Although Grillo had a solid performance there seemed to be something missing especially noticeable on the Mindcrime material. Not having original drummer Scott Rockenfield, who in this writer’s opinion is one of the most underrated drummers from his era, clearly was felt on some songs.

This was my fourth occasion seeing La Torre and I must say that many new fans may not even have noticed the absence of the original vocalist. He sounds unbelievable and delivers a performance even the most diehard fans crave. Wilton and Jackson have assembled an amazing band that delivered as promised.

When you have a set list that includes “Take Hold Of The Flame”, “Queen Of The Reich” and “Operation: Mindcrime” you just know the faithful were going home happy. A colleague of mine stated this would be the loudest show at the Downs this year and not only was he correct in that regard but they also put on a show that will not be topped.

Set List
The Needle Lies
Walk In The Shadows
Blood Of The Levant
I Am I
Man The Machine
The Lady Wore Black
Breaking The Silence
I Don’t Believe In Love
The Whisper
Silent Lucidity
Jet City Woman
Take Hold Of The Flame
Queen Of The Reich
Eyes Of A Stranger

Operation: Mindcrime
Screaming In Digital

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