Quiet Riot Still Rocking The House

Concert Review
Quiet Riot
The Stage
Williamsville, NY
Saturday July 17, 2021
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

Quiet Riot returned to the Buffalo, NY area for the first time without any members from its famed “Metal Health” era. The show was originally planned to take place at Lancaster Motorsports Park but was moved to the Stage (formerly known as Club Infinity) in Williamsville. Per the wishes of the late Frankie Banali, the band is soldiering on as they put on a respectable show that showcased the best songs from the aforementioned era.

Bassist Chuck Wright is the longest tenured member left. You can trace Wright to the Metal Health album where he played bass on a couple of tracks including “Metal Health”. Guitarist Alex Grossi has been a member going back to the final lineup that featured Kevin DuBrow and has remained in every lineup post DuBrow. Johnny Kelly the former Type O Negative drummer had a prior engagement as former W.A.S.P. drummer Mike Dupke stepped in. The vocals for Quiet Riot these days are ably handled by Jizzy Pearl. Pearl had played with the band from 2013-2016 and also is known for singing tenures in Ratt, LA Guns and Love/Hate.

The show started like many Quiet Riot shows of the past did with “Run For Cover” followed by “Slick Black Cadillac” before tearing into “Mama Were All Crazee Now”. A surprise in the set was the lost classic from Metal Health “Don’t Wanna Let You Go” which many of the younger fans seemed very familiar with. Pearl also got a chance to slip in “Blackout In The Red Room” from his Love/Hate days. Other highlights included “Party All Night”, a unique drum solo by Dupke and “Thunderbird” which was dedicated to Jeff LaBar from Cinderella who passed away earlier in the week.

Kevin DuBrow was a larger than life frontman. I remember seeing him live for the first time in 1991 and he clearly stole the show that night. Pearl probably has given Quiet Riot the best voice since DuBrow. The only complaint on this night was that Pearl’s vocals were way too low in the mix as he was drowned out by the band the majority of the night.

Some may argue that with no original members that this band should have called it quits after Banali passed away. It was Banali’s last wish to have these guys carry on to help keep the music and name of Quiet Riot alive. Whether you like the fact that they are still out there or not anyone that witnessed this show will probably say they enjoyed it and were glad they went.


Run for Cover
Slick Black Cadillac
Mama Weer All Crazee Now
Don’t Wanna Let You Go
Sign of the Times
Love’s a Bitch
Condition Critical
Party All Night
Blackout in the Red Room
Drum Solo
The Wild and the Young
Let’s Get Crazy
Cum On Feel the Noize
Metal Health (Bang Your Head)
Highway to Hell

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