So Long 2020! A Look Back At Who We Lost

By: Joseph Suto



To say 2020 was a bad year for many is the understatement of the century. Live music came to a complete halt hurting not only the artists and their crew but venues across the world. Putting on a show involves many other businesses such as catering, security, lightning and sound etc. To make matters worse we lost some really great artists this past year. Here is the list of these artists that are now gone but far from forgotten.

January 7- Neil Peart-drummer, lyricist from RUSH
March 9- Keith Olsen- producer
March 20- Kenney Rogers-Singer
April 1- Adam Schlesinger-bass guitar- Fountains of Wayne
April 7- John Prine-country-folk singer-songwriter
May 6- Brian Howe- vocalist- Bad Company, Ted Nugent
May 9- Little Richard- pianist, singer and songwriter
July 6- Charlie Daniels- southern rock singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist
July 25- Peter Green- Fleetwood Mac founder, guitarist
September 29- Mac Davis- songwriter, singer and actor
September 29- Helen Reddy-singer
October 6- Eddie Van Halen- Van Halen founder, guitarist
October 19- Tony Lewis-The Outfield- singer, bassist
October 19- Spencer Davis- guitarist, vocalist
December 12- Charley Pride- country singer, guitarist
December 21- K.T. Oslin- singer-songwriter
December 23- Leslie West-Mountain- guitarist, vocalist

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