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CD Review
Five Man London Jam
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Review: Joseph Suto

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of their groundbreaking album Five Man Acoustical Jam released in 1990, the band played a special show at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in June 2019. The band carefully chose a selection of songs to perform to pay homage to their 1990 album. When the band recorded the original, they had only two albums under their belts so they included a bunch of covers to round out the show. The band kicked off the current album with “Cumin Atcha Live/Truckin” as they did on FMAJ. Now with eight studio albums released the set only includes two other covers “Signs” and The Beatles “We Can Work It Out”, the latter making a neat tie in to the venue.

Tesla were one of the first bands to embrace the unplugged concept and are considered to be pioneers as far as rock bands go. “Signs” was the key song that laid the ground work for the album to be successful as it received a ton of airplay pushing Five Man Acoustical Jam to platinum status as well as reaching #12 on the Billboard Album charts.

Five Man London Jam features three tracks culled from the band’s most recent studio album Shock including gorgeous ballad “Forever Loving You”. Other notable songs include “What You Give” and “Call It What You Want”. The best track on the album is “Stir It Up” which to this reviewer remains the bands best song in their entire catalog.

Both albums show the band in peak form. Listening to each it’s plain to see how they have evolved. The only line-up change has guitarist Dave Rude replacing original guitarist Tommy Skeoch. The original band is still consisting of vocalist Jeff Keith, guitarist Frank Hannon, bassist Brian Wheat and drummer Troy Luccketta. Tesla is one of very few bands from their era that has yet to release a weak or unsatisfactory album.

With all that is going on across the world today and the uncertainty of things, this album hit at a perfect time. Not only does this album help people get their minds away from things but also shows why Tesla has been one of the most consistent bands when it comes to performing. Needless to say this album is a must have for any fan of the band as well as any fan of rock and roll period. You’ll be hooked on the first listen.

Track Listing
01. Cumin’ Atcha Live/Truckin’
02. Tied to the Tracks
03. We Can Work It Out
04. Signs
05. What You Give
06. California Summer Song
07. Forever Loving You
08. Miles Away
09. Paradise
10. Call It What You Want
11. Stir It Up
12. Into The Now
13. Love Song

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