Collective Soul Lay It On Down At Fallsview

Concert Review
Collective Soul
Thursday November 7, 2019
Avalon Ballroom
Fallsview Casino
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

The Avalon Ballroom at Fallsview Casino Resort came alive to the sights and sounds of Collective Soul Thursday evening. Having seen the band a few times in the past, I can safely say this was the best sounding show I’ve seen from the band from Atlanta, Georgia. Vocalist E. Roland sporting a new look, some Mutton Chops as he claimed it gave him something to do while he was waiting to go back out on the road. He was joined by guitarist Jesse Triplett, drummer Johnny Rabb, as well as original members bassist Will Turpin and brother Dean Roland on guitar. The band are currently finishing up their 2019 dates.

The band opened with Roland at the piano as “Observation of Thoughts” kicked off the night. A quick blast of “Heavy” and gem “Why Pt. 2” ignited the fire as the band then broke into it’s biggest hit (chart-wise) “Shine”. Quite a start from a band that has been at it for 25 years.

The band featured four songs from their latest release Blood which is their 10th studio album. The band’s first self-titled release aka The Blue album was represented with three tracks.Roland treated the crowd to a brand new song for the first time ever “No Man’s Land”. He also noted that Blood was to be a double album but the label told him no one makes them anymore so they will release the rest of the songs next year as another album.

As I had mentioned the sound was impeccable which really made the band stand out even more. The core of the band has been there since the start but new recruits Rabb (joined in 2012) and Triplett (joined in 2014) have really strengthened the band. This is clearly the best version of the band to date and that is saying a lot considering how much success the band gained during its first seven years of existence.

When a band has as many albums of material to choose from the only downside is the lack of songs from albums that are ignored. That being said normally when a band chooses a cover song over one of their own I usually shake my head. The band decided to give a nod to fellow Georgian band R.E.M. by playing “The One You Love”. I must add that it was a brilliant choice as the band delivered a paragon version of the tune.

While many of the band’s prominent contemporaries from the 90’s are no longer around due to one reason or another, Collective Soul has managed to not only survive but grow stronger. The band is still releasing great music and putting on live shows that are significant. Here’s to the future as this is one band that will certainly be heard from again, you can bank on it.

Set List
Observation of Thoughts
Why, Pt. 2
Better Now
Over Me
Precious Declaration
Right as Rain
AYTA (Are You the Answer)
Porch Swing
No Man’s Land
The World I Know
The One I Love
Where the River Flows

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