Kiss The Summer Hello Kicks Off Concert Season At Canalside

Concert Review
Kiss The Summer Hello 2019
Buffalo, NY
Why Don’t We
Jake Miller
Ava Max
Ally Brooke
Drax Project

Kiss The Summer Hello, the concert that kicks off the Buffalo concert season so-to-speak did exactly that Thursday evening at Canalside. While rain in the early part of the day and clouds covering much of the afternoon, the crowd appeared a little thin. For those who decided to brave the elements they were rewarded as a light rain did not arrive until around 8 pm during Why Don’t We’s set.

The annual affair featured seven national acts this year with Bazzi headlining the bill. The usual mix of the current blend of pop music that radio station WKSE plays was evident with acts such as Jake Miller, Ava Max and Ally Brooke who demonstrated how talented they are as they each drew a well received response.

Canalside has served as the home to KTSH now since 2014. While it was hosted at various venues such as Coca Cola Field, Darien Lake Ampitheater and even the Pier in the past, Canalside makes the most sense.

While many of these acts are not yet household names, it does group these young emerging artists all in one place for what may be many attendees first ever concert experience. Most people remember their first-ever concert as it is a memory you will never forget as I’m sure will be the case for many who witnessed this year’s show.

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