It’s A Family Affair for The Nelsons

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Christmas With The Nelsons
del Lago Resort & Casino
Waterloo, NY
Saturday December 1, 2018
Review: Joseph Suto
Photos: Joseph Suto

Matthew and Gunnar Nelson brought their Christmas with the Nelsons show to the Vine at del Lago Casino & Resort Saturday evening. The show was a celebration as well as a reflective time for the duo. They were accompanied by guitarist Scotty Bratcher, violinist Molly Cherryholmes and Roxy Blue drummer Scotty Trammell.

Christmas has always been special to the Nelson family. It all started with their grandparents Ozzie and Harriet Nelson as the family would gather at their home for the holidays. Their current show consists of them performing Christmas songs while sharing all those wonderful stories from three generations of Nelson family holidays.

The show began with a classic edition of an Ozzie and Harriet Christmas show which led to the boys playing a few holiday songs. One of the first things mentioned by Matthew Nelson was how great of a venue The Vine was. They wove in Christmas related stories including one about their dad Rick Nelson and how they had a very enjoyable holiday with him in 1985. They lost their Dad a week later but still were thankful they were able to spend one last enjoyable holiday together. One of the highlights featured the boys playing with their Dad via a video screen the old Bobby Darin classic “Dream Lover”.

Throughout the year Matthew and Gunnar play regular shows as well as their tribute to their father in The Ricky Nelson Remembered shows. Come late November and December it is time for the Christmas with the Nelsons shows. It is a family themed show that really helps get you in the holiday spirit

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