Kenny Loggins Shares Memories And Songs At Fallsview

Concert Review
Kenny Loggins
Avalon Theatre @ Fallsview
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Thursday November 1, 2018
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

The wonderful Avalon Theatre inside The Fallsview Casino welcomed Kenny Loggins for two shows. A sold out crowd was on hand Thursday evening as they were treated to a storytellers like show where Loggins got the chance to talk about the many songs he has been involved with throughout his over forty plus years in the music industry.

As the band took the stage four stools were set up as they started off with a few acoustic songs to ease their way into the set. “Danny’s Song”, which appeared on the first Loggins & Messina album started things off. The Loggins-penned tune, hit the top-10 in the US as well topped the Canadian charts when Anne Murray covered the song. Following with “Return To Pooh Corner”, which is a reworked version of “House On Pooh Corner”.

Loggins told stories about each of these particular songs leading up to “This Is It.” This was also a reworked version nowhere near as powerful as the original unfortunately. The rest of the initial set featured many of the songs you may have forgotten about such as “Celebrate Me Home” and “Conviction of the Heart”. Radio today tends to ignore many of the lessor known songs from the past while overplaying the same few songs by a particular artist.

Back for an encore that was played like one continuous song, Loggins and company started off with the song he and Steve Perry recorded and wrote “Don’t Fight It” bleeding it into perhaps Loggins’ three biggest songs which are all from Movie Soundtracks. Top Gun was featured with “Playing With The Boys” and “mega-hit “Danger Zone”. This all culminated with an arousing version of “Footloose”.

Back for another quick encore featuring the Loggins & Messina classic “Your Mama Don’t Dance” and ending with “Forever” a song that peaked at number 40 from the 1985 Vox Humana album.

Loggins left no stone unturned as he put on a show that encompassed most of the important songs from his near 50-year career. Lead guitarist Scott Bernard put on a clinic as he motored his way through the set. It was the songs mid-set that exemplified his talent. Former Chicago drummer Tris Imboden was solid behind the kit as well. The Kenny Loggins Band really sounded great as a whole.

Set List
Danny’s Song
Return To Pooh Corner
This Is It
The Real Thing
Whenever I Call You Friend
Angry Eyes
Celebrate Me Home
Conviction of the Heart
I’m Alright

Don’t Fight It
Playing With The Boys
Danzer Zone

Encore 2
Your Mama Don’t Dance


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