Innovative Video- DAE Where We’re Going

LA-Based Alt Pop Outfit
Releases Music Video for
“Where We’re Going”

Stop-Motion Video Created in Pro Tools Using the Track’s Recording Session

After working tirelessly for 4 years on the visual, LA-based alt pop outfit DAE releases their official video for their 2014 single “Where We’re Going,” out now on all major platforms. The video caught fire after reddit user whycomeimsocool dropped the video, created by DAE writer/producer REAZON, into a popular reddit thread.

“I spent what seems like an eternity creating this video,” REAZON tells us. “I’m so happy to have finally released it. I’m super grateful to have made this song with somebody as talented as Lwam.”

“Over the course of three-and-a-half minutes, an open Pro Tools file transforms the waveforms of the song by artist DAE into landscapes that artists interact with in creative audio/visual ways.” – Nerdist

Watch the video here:

About DAE:
REAZON, has spent the better part of 4 years animating DAE’s debut music video in an unconventional fashion. A music producer, songwriter and rapper by trade, REAZON’s work has found him recording, editing, and mixing music using the popular digital recording software known as Pro Tools. After spending nearly half of his lifetime working inside of Pro Tools creating music, REAZON wanted to use the software in an entirely different way than it was ever intended to be used. He set out to accomplish the lofty goal of using the software, designed exclusively for the composing, recording and editing of audio, as a medium for stop motion animation. After years of painstaking work arranging the “Where We’re Going” recording session’s audio regions, otherwise known as waveforms, into a visual work of art, DAE’s debut music video has finally arrived in mind-blowing scope and style. This video marks REAZON’s debut as a music video director. With a slate of new music coming early 2019, it’s shaping up to be a great new year for DAE. (Disguised As Earthlings)

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