Bush Rocks Fallsview With Invigorating Set

Concert Review
Avalon Theatre
Fallsview Casino Resort
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Wednesday October 3, 2018
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

The Avalon Theatre was the place to be with a rare Wednesday evening concert featuring alternative band Bush. The band led by front-man Gavin Rossdale played an energetic 75-minute set that featured many of the songs that they are known for. They are fresh off a summer tour with STP and The Cult and are now playing a very short run of headlining smaller venues.

As soon as the band hit the stage everyone was on their feet as the first few notes of “Machinehead” blistered from the venue sound system. The crowd was into the show from the start as evidenced by venue security who allowed the fans to crowd the front stage area almost immediately. Usually that is reserved for later in the show.

By the time the band tore into “Everything Zen” the show seemed to reach its highest point until near the end when “Little Things” the final song before the encore recharged the crowd. It was during “Little Things” where Rossdale ran through the crowd even taking a trip up to the balcony before coming back to the stage.

Rossdale told the audience as they came back for their encore that music seems to be the one antidote to bring people closer together. Quite fitting they did a awesome take of the Beatles “Come Together” before ending the night with “Glycerine” and “Come Down”, with the latter featuring an audience sing-a-long led by Rossdale.

In all a solid night of rock and roll that made one almost forget that at one time the band had to go by Bush X in Canada due to another band named Bush. While the band may not be quite as popular as they were in their 90s heyday where they sold some six million copies of their debut Sixteen Stone and were headlining arenas everywhere, they put on a very solid performance. With a new album in the process of being recorded Rossdale vowed to the Fallsview audience that it will be great and worth the wait. Exactly what the crowd thought when they announced this concert, great and worth the wait.

Set List

This Is War
Everything Zen
The Sound of Winter
The People That We Love
The Disease of the Dancing Cats
The Gift
Little Things

Come Together

The Final Word
My only take away from the show is that I felt the band should have ended with “Everything Zen”. It was clearly the most powerful song of the night and would have left the crowd begging for more.

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