The Godsmack/Shinedown Express Rolls Through Darien Center

Concert Review
Like A Storm

Darien Lake Amphitheater
Darien Center, NY
Tuesday July 24, 2018
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

After what seemed like an eternity Godsmack and Shinedown finally returned to the Darien Lake Amphitheater Tuesday night. It marked both bands first appearances since they both appeared at the Uproar festival in 2012. The crowd of 10,000 strong sat through the rain which started during Shinedown’s set and continued on through Godsmack’s. Both bands delivered the goods as both have recently released new albums and the new songs sounded great mixed with the older material.

This was just the second night of the tour which will see the bands on the road playing the sheds until early September. All three bands put their best foot forward and delivered stellar sets.

Godsmack closed out the show. With front-man and founder Sully Erna front and center the band was firing on all cylinders. The band is also comprised of guitarist Tony Rombola, bassist Robbie Merrill, and drummer Shannon Larkin. If you’ve only seen Sully’s solo acoustic show, you haven’t seen the real Sully. It seems he takes on another personality when with Godsmack! The band featured songs from their latest effort When Legends Rise.

The band seemed at the top of their game from the first song all the way til the closing song of “I Stand Alone”. Not too shabby considering the band hasn’t done a full tour since 2015.

Shinedown’s lineup has remained the same since 2008. That was when bassist Eric Bass joined guitarist Zach Myers, drummer Barry Kerch and singer Brent Smith. The band recently released their sixth studio album Attention Attention which has received some very good reviews. The band played three songs from the release including their closer and first single “Devil”.

Without a doubt there was no finer moment from the night than”Enemies” as the crowd soaked it up even as the rain fell down it did not deter anyone from leaving. An in your face kind of song that had everyone pumping fists in the air. The audience seemed most animated at this point during the show.

Opening the show were Like A Storm who won a slew of new fans with a fast paced energetic set. The band features brothers Chris, Matt and Kent Brooks and drummer Zach Wood. While the New Zealanders set was brief they left a lasting impression on many who decided to take the band in before the headliners hit the stage.

Tour packages like this with bands from this kind of modern rock post-grunge genre are exactly what the doctor ordered. Two well established acts like Godsmack and Shinedown with another upstart band such as Like A Storm on the verge of having something good happening. Had this show been on the weekend my guess is it would have done closer to 15,000. Perhaps by bringing back the Uproar and Mayhem festivals that would also help to boost attendance. Don’t get me wrong 10,000 plus on a Tuesday night isn’t bad. Both bands clearly sent the fans home on a happy note regardless.



Like A Storm

Set List
When Legends Rise
Keep Away
Cryin’ Like a Bitch
Straight Out of Line
Batalla de los tambores
I Stand Alone

Sound of Madness
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
Cut the Cord
I’ll Follow You
Get Up
Black Soul
State of My Head
Second Chance
Simple Man ( Skynyrd Cover)

Like A Storm
Pure Evil
Become the Enemy
Wish You Hell
The Devil Inside
Love the Way You Hate Me

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