Jackson Browne Finishes With A Flair In Salamanca

Concert Review
Jackson Browne
Seneca Allegany Events Center
Salamanca, NY
Saturday May 5, 2018
Review: Joseph Suto
Photos: Joseph Suto

One thing that can be said about musician-songwriter Jackson Browne is he really knows how to end a concert. The show marked this reviewer’s second time seeing Browne and he put on a clinic on how to send the fans away on a high note. His two-hour set was quite impressive as he and his band displayed their talents throughout the night. You can tell Browne was having fun as after a fan yelled out for “For Everyman” Browne obliged. Following “Somebody’s Baby”, he mentioned how they play that one for the really good crowds. After that all bets were off as to where the night would lead to.

Browne and his band sounded great tucked inside the Seneca Allegany Events Center. It is one thing to have the talents of Browne in a band, when you add the collective group of musicians on the stage Saturday evening backing him, you just knew you were in for something special. Joining Browne were keyboardist Jeff Young, bassist Bob Glaub, drummer Mauricio Lewak and guitarists Val McCallum and Greg Leisz. Leisz a multi-instrumentalist has played with many artists over the years and is a high-demand session player as well. Oddly enough he was born in Buffalo, NY although there was no mention of it during the show.

On this current tour Browne has broken his shows into two sets most nights. This show was one of the rare instances he did not. “Doctor My Eyes” brought the first big ovation of the evening while a great version of “The Pretender” proceeded to leave the crowd begging for more. It was more that they got as Browne upped the ante with his best-known song “Running On Empty”. It remains one of the most relevant signature songs that classic rock has to offer and Browne did not disappoint ending his main set with it.

“Take It Easy” followed by “Our Lady of the Well” closed out what appeared to be the show. However, Browne soon came back out and dedicated “The Load Out” to his crew which then led into a sing-along version of “Stay”. A stellar way to end one of the best sounding shows I have heard inside the Events Center. Not only did Browne satisfy the crowd with a great set of music, you could tell he was clearly enjoying it as much as the audience was and then some.


Set List
Before the Diluge
Some Bridges
You Love the Thunder
The Long Way Around
The Dreamer
Lives in The Balance
Doctor My Eyes
Something Fine
These Days
If I Could Be Anywhere
For Everyman
Somebody’s Baby
Sky Blue and Black
The Pretender
Running On Empty

Take It Easy
Our Lady of The Well

Encore Two
The Load Out/Stay

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