Etheridge Treats Diehard Fans To A Gem At Fallsview

Concert Review
Melissa Etheridge
Avalon Theatre
Fallsview Casino
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Thursday October 19, 2017
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto


Melissa Etheridge began a two-day run at Fallsview Casino Thursday evening. With an arsenal of songs to choose from she delivered one her finest sets this reviewer has seen. Backed by a stellar band that included drummer Brian Delaney, bassist David Santos and keyboardist/guitarist Max Hart they delivered a solid show even with Etheridge not at 100 percent. Her guitar tech brought her hot lemon water a few times during the show to aid her through. IF she hadn’t mentioned this to the crowd one may not have even known.

“Angels Would Fall” started the affair as she dipped into all phases of her lengthy discography. This also included a pair of songs from her latest studio album Memphis Rock and Soul which released last year.

One of the best elements of a Melissa Etheridge concert is the unknown. No two shows are ever the same as she seems to enjoy mixing up the set list on a nightly basis similar to Pearl Jam who is famous for it. This was evident when she played rare song “Lover Please” from Skin. Another example was “Don’t You Need” from her debut. Two songs that you don’t really see too often in a set. This is something I wish more artists would do.

From there she closed out her set with a string of hits loved by all in “Come to My Window” and “I’m The Only One” which closed out the set.

Back for an extended version of “Like the Way I Do” that also featured a long solo and Etheridge going to the drum kit to play alongside Delaney before heading back to the microphone to put the finishing touches on an enjoyable night.

Call her the female version of Bruce Springsteen or call her late for supper, she has had more tags attached to her than an old suitcase. She has accomplished many things in the music business. She has had multi-platinum albums and has won some big honors including an Academy Award and two Grammys. Either way you look at it Etheridge remains of the most compelling artists from this era of music. Her show Thursday night was just a little icing on the cake.

Set List
Angels Would Fall
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