Jethro Tull By Ian Anderson Gives Fans A Glimpse Into The Past

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Jethro Tull By
Ian Anderson

Outdoor Stage
Lewiston, NY
Tuesday August 22, 2017
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

One of the highly anticipated shows on Artpark’s 2017 schedule was the Jethro Tull by Ian Anderson show. It had been three years since Anderson’s last area appearance out at UB’s Center For The Arts. So when many fans pulled into the parking lot they were met by a steady downpour that lasted about an hour. As the scheduled 7:15 start time was drawing near the rain subsided just in time. At one point during the show Anderson noted the beautiful rainbow that appeared on the horizon.

The show featured two (60 minute) sets with a brief intermission between. Anderson was backed by David Goodier (bass), John O’Hara (keyboards), Florian Opahle (guitar) and Scott Hammond (drums). The affair had some flair and seemed to sound fresh and invigorating at. After all its not every day fans get a unique experience like this.

Anderson now 70, still pranced and danced about the stage almost like Peter Pan fluttering in the air playing his flute. Many gestures with his hands and facial expressions showed the crowd he was having a blast playing the songs to his dedicated fanbase. The show was one of the best selling shows of the 2017 Artpark season. All one needed to do was watch Anderson perform gems like “Thick As A Brick” or “Living In The Past to see why.

On “Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll, Too Young To Die”, images of a much younger Anderson were depicted on the big video screen.

Probably the biggest letdown of the night occurred during “Aqualung” arguably the best known song from Anderson’s old band. While Anderson’s voice is not quite what it once was, having a pre recorded vocal track of singer Ryan O’ Donnell while he was shown on a video screen is not exactly my cup of tea. Perhaps if one of the other band members sang it live it would have gone over better.

Granted the rest of the show went over well. It was good to see Anderson perform in concert as this was my first time seeing the man. My only other disappointment was the lack of a few more gems from the Tull catalog. Songs such as “Teacher” and “Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day” would have sounded so good in the great outdoor setting at Artpark. Perhaps another time.

Set List
Set One
Living in the Past (Jethro Tull song)
Nothing Is Easy (Jethro Tull Song)
Heavy Horses (Jethro Tull Song)
Thick as a Brick (Jethro Tull Song)
Banker Bets, Banker Wins
Bourrée (Johann Sebastian Bach Cover)
Farm on the Freeway (Jethro Tull Song)
Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll, Too Young To Die (Jethro Tull Song)
Songs From the Wood (Jethro Tull Song)

Set Two
Sweet Dream (Jethro Tull Song)
Pastime With Good Company (King Henry Vlll Cover)
Fruits of Frankenfield
Dharma for One (Jethro Tull Song)
A New Day Yesterday (Jethro Tull Song)
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Johann Sebastian Bach Cover)
My God (Jethro Tull Song)
Aqualung (Jethro Tull Song)

Locomotive Breath (Jethro Tull Song)

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