Royal Blood Live Up To Hype at Town Ballroom

Concert Review
Royal Blood
Town Ballroom
Buffalo, NY
Tuesday August 1, 2017
Review/Photos: Jenipher

A full house on a Tuesday night for some bands is hard to do, yet the British duo, Royal Blood, made it happen. Mike Kerr (bass/vocals) and Ben Thatcher (drums) packed the Town Ballroom in Buffalo leaving many fans scouring for tickets. It’s really no surprise that the show had been sold out for quite some time, given the growing buzz about them.

The duo is hitting the road in support of How Did We Get So Dark, their second release. However, their set was loaded with a majority of tunes of their self titled first effort, like “Come On Over”, “Figure It Out”, “Blood Hands” and “Ten Tonne Skeleton”. The show opened with “Where Are You Now” and the crowd ate it up. After an encore of “Out Of The Black”, fans begged for more from Kerr and Thatcher.

Songs like “Little Monster”, which was played earlier in the set than I had expected, got the crowd wild. I would find it hard to believe if there was a single person not singing along. Kerr’s ability to play bass & frontman yet not over shadow Thatcher’s talented pounding on drums is awesome – treating fans to a drum solo at one point. The fact that each member’s set up was side by side more than front to back says a lot about the respect these two have. I have to say I was impressed at the sounds coming from just two people on stage. Royal Blood are royally digging their claws into the scene.


Where Are You Now
Lights Out
Come On Over
I Only Lie When I Love You
Little Monster
Hook, Line & Sinker
Blood Hands
She’s Creeping
Hole In Your Heart
Figure It Out
Loose Change
Ten Tonne Skeleton
Out Of The Black

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