Niagara Falls Wanted The Best And They Got Em

Concert Review
Seneca Niagara Casino
Outdoor Stage
Niagara Falls, NY
Saturday August 19, 2017
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto


Everything Kiss does they do big. It is one of the reasons why they made it to where they are today. So you would think a simple outdoor show in the parking lot of the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino would be a walk in the park for the veteran band? Not so much as they brought just about everything but the kitchen sink and put on a spectacular visual show. About the only thing missing was the segment where Paul Stanley wires out into the back of the crowd. Not sure if it was not done due to the wind or the setup of the makeshift venue.

The scheduled start time was delayed by about half an hour. The bands’ usual curtain couldn’t be raised due to the windy conditions, so without much fanfare the band took the stage and promptly went into “Deuce”. As they tore into “Shout It Out Loud” the place came even more alive. One anthem after another it seemed with “Lick It Up” the lone non makeup representative of the night.

Guitarist Tommy Thayer took his turn behind the mike for “Shock Me” which was followed by a dazzling solo. Thayer who joined Kiss as a full-time member in 2002, plays the part of the Spaceman, formerly played by former Kiss icon Ace Frehley. Drummer Eric Singer who has been in the band in various carnations has remained solidly behind the kit since 2004. Singer got his turn behind the microphone during “Black Diamond” a staple in the band’s set list since it came out on their debut in 1974.

Of course the main highlights of any Kiss show usually involve the two founders Stanley and bassist Gene Simmons. Simmons did his traditional spitting of blood during his bass solo which fed directly into “God Of Thunder”. As for Stanley it seems he always has a story to tell while introing songs. The funny thing is most of these songs need no introduction. A lighter moment of the night happened as Stanley was announcing “Say Yeah”. He started to say the next song comes from Monster, then realizing it was the album before Sonic Boom. He concluded “What do I know…I only wrote it” which the crowd got a chuckle over.

As the confetti flew during the anthem of anthems “Rock And Roll All Nite”, I began to assess where the band is at this point and time. The band has been averaging about 55 shows a year over the past decade. They have mixed songs in and out of their set each tour. They still deliver one of the best visual shows in the world of rock and roll. While there is no telling how long the show will go on for Stanley and Simmons (both are advancing in age though they don’t show it), one thing is certain they will continue to give the Kiss Army their best. That’s all we can expect.

Set List
Shout It Out Loud
Lick It Up
I Love It Loud
Love Gun
Shock Me
Guitar Solo
Flaming Youth
Bass Solo
God Of Thunder
Say Yeah
War Machine
Psycho Circus
Black Diamond
Rock And Roll All Nite

Cold Gin
Detroit Rock City

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