Rundgren Makes A Strong Statement

Concert Review
Todd Rundgren
Riviera Theatre
North Tonawanda, NY
Wednesday May 10, 2017
Review/Photos: Joseph Suto

Just when you think you figured Todd Rundgren out he throws you a curveball. Rundgren is back out on tour again this time in support of White Knight, his latest album. Wednesday evening marked the third time he has performed at the Riviera in under two years. Somehow Rundgren has managed to top himself at each successive show. The first two shows were geared towards his best-known songs and greatest hits. This time around he brought a vastly different type of show. Those who expected it to be a hits laden show were in for a big surprise.

Rundgren proceeded to deal out a healthy dose of White Knight as well as cuts from his last few releases.

The White Knight: The ChivalRock Tour stage show relied mainly on a video curtain that separated Rundgren from his band. Joining Rundgren in the front of the screen were Grace Yoo and Ashle Worrick who last appeared with him on the Global Tour in 2015. Known as the Global Girls, they sang and danced and managed a few costume changes during the set.

Although the band appeared hidden throughout the night they most certainly left their mark with their performance. Joining Rundgren as they have the past few visits were drummer Prairie Prince, guitarist Jesse Gress, bassist Kasim Sulton. This tour Rundgren brought along old friend Cars keyboardist Greg Hawkes.

The show itself was nothing short of spectacular. All the visual effects enhanced songs such as opener “Come”, “Evrybody” but perhaps none more so than the political statement he made on “Tin Foil Hat”. Whenever he is in the area you can expect to hear “Buffalo Grass”.

While the show focused on the newer music, Rundgren still managed to throw in Utopia classics “Secret Society” and “One World” for good measure.

One fan was heard bellowing after the show saying that was the most production Rundgren has put into a show since the 70s. While that may be the case it was interesting to see a true artist in every sense of the word. He has worn many hats throughout his career. He has always done things his way and always been an innovator and at the forefront of trying new and different things. Recently he received an honorary doctoral degree from the esteemed Berklee College of Music and also gave the commencement speech. This man has done it all and while he has not received all the accolades he truly deserves, he will always be to many A Wizard, A True Star.

Set List
Look At Me
Sir Reality
Deaf Ears (Tape)
Let’s Do This
Buffalo Grass
Secret Society (Utopia song)
This Is Not A Drill
Tin Foil Hat (Tape)
Beginning (Of The End)
Love Science
Party Liquor
Chance For Us
No World Order
Buy My T
God Said

One World (Utopia song)
Hello It’s Me
Just One Victory

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